Ed Malarkey, United States

Easy to use. Easy to install. Works silently in the background and is effective in removing pop ups and other ditracting cyber crud.

Stacey Swain, United States

For any online gamers, Ad Muncher is totally awesome!


Ad muncher really speeds up internet/web site access!

Jeannie Dean, United Kingdom

My new Norton had the ad blocker removed. I hated all these infuriating ads. I used the Ad Muncher free version for a month. When my month was up I thought "Oh no these infuriating ads again". I knew I was pleased to be ad free for a month so just had to register with Ad Muncher. It's great, stops the pop ups, blocks the ads and banners, and does not slow me down at all.

Kevin Smith, United States

Ad Muncher is easy to use, easy to setup, comes configured right out of the box to do what it is supposed to do. And the advanced configuration options allow you to cutomize it to your satisfaction.


Ad Muncher is the ONLY ad blocker for IE. Adblock plus works sometimes with Firefox. Norton 360 does not have ad blocking any more. Ad Muncher is the only one answer to banners and ads.

Big Dutch

Ad Muncher works really well with minimal input from me. On one occasion when a small ads snuck through, it was intuative to block it also. Other ad blockers I tried, all needed a lot of reading and understanding and more money too.

Mahmut Ilker Oktem, Turkey

It's just perfect. Keep it up!

I.Waldberg -Israel

Excellent program!!! Strongly recommended!

Peter Gerhardsson, Sweden

Must be the best little application of its kind!

Joshua Nicholson, United States

Easy to use, will actually block content on Google Chrome and not hit the ads. Worth the $20.

Stephan Sanders, Germany

Thank you so much for this wonderful tool, I bought three copies at once :) Keep up the great work!

Enzo.Matrix, Canada

Web pages load faster because ads are not loading. 100% worth buying.

Anna, the Netherlands

This is a great program. How did I survive without it until now?

Richard Zapata, United States

The best Ad Blocker that I have came across. I have tried many other programs and they do not even come close to this one. I wish I had found this one first.

Nicanor Juangorena, United States

I tried several other ad-blocking apps which were just too tedious to configure and at the end all of them would still let ads come through... Ad Muncher was the only one that blocked all ads in the web pages me and my family use regularly with minimum configuration and no net speed loss!

Bob Congdon

I really like your product. If there's anything more annoying than ads on web sites, I don't know what it is. You can't watch a friggin' video anymore without an ad preceding it. It drives me crazy.

Thankfully, there's a few sites whose video ads are being whacked out by ad-muncher. A cause for celebration if ever there was one. I used to use AdSubtract from Intermute, but they stopped supporting it, so I stopped supporting them.

Thanks for ad-muncher. I appreciate it.

Lawrence Barker, United Kingdom

I am very impressed with Ad Muncher. I had particular problems with a Family History website for which users pay subscription. Each of its web pages had different vertical, active banners on the right hand side alongside information or numerals which needed to be studied closely. Very distracting and irritating - generated by Adobe Flash Player - I complained to the domain holder - they did nothing. Also my supposedly personal customised web browser home page had constantly changing ads and news headlines. On the former Ad Muncher removed the banners completely, on the latter ads were removed and the news headlines became static.

Alan M. Reagan, United States

Super product, the best! Blocks the annoying ads, especially the crazy ones that flash across the screen. Web pages load much quicker because all the junk ads don't have to load. I enjoy surfing ad-free now. I can also adjust settings on Ad Muncher which makes it easy to customize for my preferences.

Keep up the good work!! It seems like there are many more ads now than there used to be, but not for me! The technical support is also great, if there are any issues, they are solved in a very short amount of time.

Thanks Ad Muncher.

Gary Leonard, Canada

It works smoothly, silently, uses no resources and so far without fail. We are averaging close to a thousand ads blocked each day.

Larry Sullivan, United States

After trying several ad and pop up blockers, Ad Muncher surpassed them all by far! Its customization really made the difference for me.

I HIGHLY recommend it for everyone!

Simon Spencer

Ad Muncher works so well, no PC lag, It actually speeds up loading of some websites. This product is worth every penny.

Ryan Grant, Australia

Program works great, and the fact it was made by Aussies made me even happier to purchase :)

Evelyn Johnston

Couldn't be without it! Never knew how much ads annoyed me until I didn't have them!

Lane Gray

Makes everything faster and no more annoying banners, it's totally worth it.

Peter E, United States

Works as advertised, easy to configure and quite effective.


Ad Muncher eliminated the delays previously resulting from advertisement downloading on the websites that I use.

Scott Carson, United States

The product does work well even on video ads from T.V. stations websites that force you to watch ads before the story. This is the best out there.

Steve Parker, United Kingdom

A rare treat, anyone that's ever been hounded to death by adverts can rest easy. Popups? No chance. This is the way software -should- be written and presented.

Doug Pruner

The free trial worked as advertised, and after a few minutes' study I was writing my own filters. The registered version works smoothly on my 98se and Avant system, and these days that isn't all that common.

Kimberly Lauterjung, United States

It is amazing the difference that Ad Muncher makes, no more banner advertisements in your favorite websites and loading is much faster. I'm so glad that Ad Muncher is available, I don't know what I would do without it.

H I, United States

I've used Super Ad Blocker because it has 5 stars editor's choice by cnet.com but it didn't work as I expected. After trying Ad Muncher I can say that this this the BEST Ad Blocker on the market.

John Lewis, Ireland

I find that when reading internet news items etc. Ad Muncher is excellent at eliminating many of the moving and irritating pop up ads.

Vincent Wong, Singapore

I just want to add that before Ad Muncher, I had to endure tedious minutes of ads for every news clip on Yahoo! News or FoxNews. I simply did not imagine that Ad Muncher was able to prevent those ads from playing. It's worth every cent I paid for it and I will surely recommend to all and sundry.

Max, Woy Woy, Australia

This programme saves time, frustration, untidiness and just makes for cleaner pages on the internet.

David Collins, Australia

Ad Muncher does what it says it does, and does it effectively. Well worth the cost, and better still it is not intrusive. A great utility!

Luc Maesen, Belgium

Ad Muncher is a great alternative for Norton 360, which left the advertisement-killer out of their 2008 version.

VK, United States

It is the only product I've found that actually BLOCKS ads. Thanks for the free trial before I bought it!

Corey, United States

This is a great program, it has stopped all of the ads and the tech support is terrific. Great buy, highly recommended.

Michael, United Kingdom

The are some sites just not worth using without a package like Ad Muncher. Ad Muncher seems to be the best of the bunch and I am very happy with it so far. Good work guys keep developing the package.

Mark Ciricillo, United States

The best ad blocker I've used.

Stefan Foltyn, Poland

Perfect program: install and forget.

Ralph Kuehne, Germany

Thank you and best wishes to Australia!

Donna Pachl, United States

I think Ad Muncher is the best on the market, I suggest you give them a try for yourselves and you too will see what a fantastic product they have. I am sold!

Double Tapp

Hey thanks for making a product that really works. Love surfing and not having all the crud.

Adele Aldridge

Great product, works wonders, would recommend to all.

Elizabeth Tait, Canada

Great to have when playing games. It seems to also load pages faster.

William Bright, United States

I am very satisfied with the results. I can see why my friend at the gym said he "will not surf without Ad Muncher".

Abbiati Tullio, Italy

I am truly happy for having acquired this magnificent program. It provides exactly what I needed: to block what I do not want on the Internet. I have tried many programs, paying for some, but the price for Ad Muncher is truly worth it.

Lars Larsson, Sweden

Great software. As I mentioned above: Small, simple to use and very effective. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.


I really like ad muncher, and recommend it to anyone who hates those nasty ads as much as I do.

Jan Jolbrand, Sweden

The most comprehensive adblocker for all browsers. Install it and forget about ads and popups... This is the only one! Competitors are far behind.

Michael Gasperl, Austria

I tried many adblockers, but no one is so easy to handle or uses less resources. What I also like is the flexibility concerning browsers; without tuning, every browser works with AdMuncher.

Rogerio Ferreira

Ad muncher is THE best ad remover software out there and has never crashed or been unrealible in anyway. I recommend this software to anyone who uses a pc as an essential piece of software they must have as an operating system would be.

Prof Abronsius, Switzerland

Perfect for making screenshots of websites without the need tp edit the page to remove ads!

Peter from Hungary

I went through the hassle of testing many ad filtering/blocking programs, browser plugins, extensions... but none of them is so lightweight, efficient, user friendly, but also highly configurable like Ad Muncher. It makes web browsing a whole new experience, I'll never regret this purchase!

Lisa Jenard, United States

I really love the Ad Muncher. It makes life online much easier and faster because the ads aren't popping up and making the computer drag. Online browsing at its best thanks to ad muncher.

Tomasz Bartnikowski, Poland

Must-have software for modern internet users! Definitely worth buying!

Ken Walsh, United Kingdom

It really works and gets rid of the annoying adverts...


I am so happy with this software. It is inexpensive, the tech support is 2nd to none. Look forward to doing business in the future and will for sure recommend this software to friends and family.

Ingo Petzny, Germany

I am completly happy with Ad Muncher. Surfing the web is fun again. No advertisments, no banners, no commercials. It's just great! Ad Muncher is the best ad bloker I've seen so far.

Randi Justin, United States

It is a great program to have. If you dont want annoying ads then this program really works and speeds up web browsing.


Ad Muncher does just as good a job on stopping pop-unders as it does on pop-up windows.

Deborah, Netherlands

Great programme. No problems with pop-ups any more.

Randy Vavra, United States

Works very well.

Cameron Simmons

I love Ad Muncher! It blocks all the ads and pop ups with no problem! And with the ability to use TrialPay, it's the best deal on the net!

Ioannis Nomikos

This program deserves all the credit in the world. I have always found it very disturbing to surf the net with animating, colourful ads in every web page. Ad Muncher has greatly enhanced my surfing experience. Big thanks to all at Ad Muncher!!