Nic Siek, Germany

An outstanding solution to block popups and ads. Blocks everything anoying, but every web related program is working in the way they should. I never go out in the web without my Ad Muncher!

Helen Williams

Ad Muncher is one of the best programs that l have ever found, l have passed the link to all my friends and l hope they to use it too. I have found my pages loading quicker and having no ads in my craft forum, and my work is faster! Fantastic program you just have got to have.

Graeme Tabley, Australia

It works very well and saves a lot of time not getting useless info.

Evgeniy Glaznev, Russia

You MUST HAVE this great software...


Another option, if you think blocking ads might be worth a few bucks to you, is the well-regarded Ad Muncher. Ad Muncher is a stand-alone program that works with all browsers (and some other programs like ICQ) and claims "the most extensive advertising filter list available." Ad Muncher is free to try, but costs $24.95 after the 30-day trial. Also, it has a cute cow mascot which I'm rather fond of.

David Silver, United States

This program is great. It successfully blocks all unwanted ads and popups. It even unblocks copy blockers so you can copy and paste from web sites that usually block that feature, such as Snopes. It blocks the most irritating popup windows that get past usual popup blockers (Netflix ads are the worst) and if you want to see an ad, it is easily disabled and has a spot to enter exception sites. Yay Ad Muncher!

Morten Hjollo, Norway

Ad Muncher is the most effective ad blocker I've ever tested for Opera or Internet Explorer. In fact all other "ini" files or whatever I've tried until now did not block ads the way I wanted it. Ad Muncher lets me configure what to block or not. That's exactly what I've been looking for. The internet finally doesn't look like a blinking "Christmas tree" anymore. Thanks a lot.


Very happy with Ad Muncher, user friendly, efficient and not heavy.

Ilya Usherenko, United States

Ad Muncher is the best software on the market at this time!!!!


This program does what it says. It does not take up many of your computer's resources. Using Ad Muncher makes my web surfing so much better.

Warren Green, United States

It is a remarkable project! When my 30 day expired I definitely knew it because the onslaught of pop-ups resumed.

Jim Kane

Ad Muncher is the best ever ad blocker. It was well worth the money. It beats all the other ad blockers HANDS DOWN!!! I would recommend it to anyone.


Awesome, exellent, very hungry muncher.

Thomas Hurst, United States

It works.

Marc Vermeerbergen, Belgium

Ad Muncher is simply the best!!!


I sure do like it, those ads can get to you after awhile.

Michael Bement, United States

My wife likes it, and that's special praise.

Antonio Paulo Meirelles, Brazil

I believe, like most people that software must be like this: clean, honest and lightweight; Ad Muncher is a state-of-the-art ad remover. I feel pretty good giving my money for you guys maintain the HARD WORD!

I believe in this: software must be paid... there is nothing (in life) free; besides, the software must WORTH the money;


Linda Seeley, United States

It is a great help when kids are in the house and there are ads you would rather not have them see. Great for adults since there are no annoying ads popping up all the time and distracting you. I love it. Thanks for a great product.

Judy Romero, United States

Tried other software. This is be best as far as being dependable. This is my second purchase!

Manuel Agreda, Mexico

I have used many programs to close the popups but the only program that works perfectly is Ad Muncher, I recommend it for everyone.

Sally Mastelotto, United States

I love your service, no more ads, no more slowing down my computer because of ads poping up. Thank you, I will refer you to all I come across.

Helen W, United States

I am very, very pleased with Ad Muncher! No Ads!!!!! Very easy and quick to download!

Luis, Singapore

Works great with Firefox, Opera and Orca. The combination of Outpost Firewall and Ad Muncher is excellent.

Dorothy E Volz, United States

Ad Muncher is good, it gets rid of all banners and ads. I love it!! Also it was easy and fast to get started with.

Ralph Toll, United States

As a recent convert to Sandboxie, I began searching for a replacement for my popup blocker which became non-functional within the Sandboxie sandbox. Happily Ad Muncher not only works within the sandbox, but it provides functionality FAR beyond what I had been using! The two products (Ad Muncher and Sandboxie) make a killer combination.

Krystal G, United Kingdom

Amazingly effective, and very simple. Click and go, and it sits in the background doing what it says it does, making almost no demands on your system. Well worth the money IMHO.

Andrew Gummers

Wonderful programme. Always wanted to get rid of the these annoying adverts .This progamme does it so well. Must have taken some skill and time to make a programme like this. Well worth the money! Am so glad I was told about this. Have told my friends about it, up to them of course if they listen to me . :-)

Michael Turner, Australia

It works. No useless ads taking time to download.

Tiffany, United States

Makes using the internet so much easier!

Ron Higgins, United States

It works great!

Larry Hart, Canada

The best thing about admuncher is its speed. It doesn't slow down browsing like free ad blockers. Ad Muncher + Chrome is beautifully fast. Second best thing, Ad Muncher filter updates come very very frequently. In this case it's true: you get what you pay for.

Jacqueline Skelton, United States

Wonderful program, does exactly what it says it will do. Even strips video ads from Hulu. Had a minor issue with an ad loaded site and the support forum answered my problem very quickly.

L. Ng

Works well in Vista x64 at an affordable price.

Stan Greve, United States

Thanks for helping return the net to sanity.

Stefan Kuehn, Germany

If you need a tool that works then get Ad Muncher!

Barbara De Blieck, Belgium

Ad Muncher is by far the most easy to use, no-nonsense program I would recommend to all. It does its thing swiftly speeding up what most wish to do: browse without the hinderance of irrelevant ads.

Phil, from Liverpool UK

What can you say??? This software Actualy works as it should and munches all ads in its path. Of all the ad/popup blockers Ive used Id have to say Ad Muncher stands out in its class, its simply the best. Its easy to use and blocks ads other ad blocking programs have stumbled and failed on. It does the job neatly and silently. Well worth the reasonable price of the licence for the ad and clutter free internet it provides.

Gary Hayes, Australia

Ad Muncher does what it claims to do, by stopping all pop ups.

Olivier Schott, France

I'm happy with this software because it saves me a lot of time when surfing.

Martin Tiede, Germany

This is the best ad blocker I've ever used. I bought 2 licenses after a short trial period.

Paul Hart, Los Angeles - United States

Excellent software, robust & miles ahead of any competition. Seamless @ lightning speed... REALLY!

Joshua S. United States

I believe Ad Muncher is the best pop-up blocker I have ever used. I do a lot of web browsing and find so often that "for money" sites use too many advertisements and added idiosyncrasies. This gets in the way of seeing what I went to the page to view. Now with Ad Muncher I find that viewing is much faster and easier.

Richard, Australia

The Internet is now so annoying with attention seeking pop-ups, banners and dangerous scripts. Ad Muncher returns the Internet to what it should be: uninterrupted surfing.

Joshua, United States

I love Ad Muncher! It makes a night and day difference when browsing the web.

Nancy Everhart, United States

Get Ad Muncher and you wont regret it, it's just an awesome program to have, you will love it for all your game playing needs and also you don't get those annoying ads when you go into any other sites, it's fantastic

David Pederson, United States

Saves both my time and a lot of headaches by removing the ads and junk behind the scenes!

Warren, Canada

With the advent of annoying flashing ads and ads with obnoxious sounds, I began searching for the perfect solution for ad removal. There simply is no alternative to Ad Muncher. Anything else leaves you wanting more (i.e. when ads are removed you tend to have large white spaces that seem out of place in the website and/or break the website) or they simply don't catch nearly as much ads as Ad Muncher does.

A.W., United States

I've been looking for over a year for just this, including stopping the referrer that is used to breach my confidentiality and spy on me. Lots of options.

Barb, United States

Beats my old pop-up blocker hands down! Easy to download & works great!!!

Satish Mishra, India

The best in its category. One you must purchase.

Omi Azad, ekushey.org

The place I live, Internet is still like a nightmare. It's slow and it's expensive. Ad Muncher has really been saving my life since 2002. It's speeding up my browsing and has saved a lot of bandwidth. I believe advertising information in banners does not contain any useful information, moreover, it is also distracting and increases the network traffic and that is why I recommend all Internet users to use this software to make their life easier. Web sites are getting worse day by day with unwanted ads, banners, pop-ups etc. I love you Ad Muncher.


Even on my slow outdated PC I can tell the difference in my Internet speed with and without. I just can't enjoy my online games without it. Definately buying my own copy, and definately recommended for a quick and permanent fix.

Allen Markham, United States

It's simple, it really works. What more could you want? Oh and it's configurable so it works the way you want it to work.

Maggie V. United States

I liked Ad Muncher from the start and then referred others to the website.

Jack, United States

Works, and saves time, especially if you have dial-up.

James, Canada

The most effective ad blocker I have found. Have used it with great satisfaction for years.

William Burns, United States

I'm happy with Ad Muncher, thank you. It does the job.

Mrs Sixsmith

Easy to use product, well worth paying for.

John Parsons, United Kingdom

The software works fine I am very pleased with it, the pop ups have been totally eliminated from my computer, I have recommended the software to all my friends, I am very pleased with it.

Paul Henwood, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher, does what it says; therefore speeding up games site games that feel obliged to get money from ad companies. Well worth the money, Enjoy.


This programs works exceptionally well. You even have tweaked it to allow good popups from secure websites, ie confirmation boxes and such. I found my browing experience to be much less frustrating.

Zoe Jones, United Kingdom

Speeds my computer up by stopping all the unwanted ads.

Pawel Bil, United Kingdom

Very, very good

Juan Garcia, Spain

I have tested a large number of programs and Ad Muncher really is the only one that works completely. I try to use free software to reduce costs, but in this case Ad Muncher really is worth the asking price for its excellent quality and reliability.

David, Israel

No other utility/program can come close to what this program can do... Can't surf the web without it!

Jackie Ainsworth, United Kingdom

Simply the BEST. I wish i had found out about Ad Muncher a lot sooner. Would not be without it.

Helen T, United Kingdom

I like Ad Muncher, because it munches away all the annoying adverts and pop-up rubbish, so it is far quicker to navigate the net.

Jamie Bentley

The product I have purchased (Ad Muncher) is may I say absolutely wonderful. It has sped my internet browsing up and has once again made surfing the internet fun.

The registration was straight forward and easy to do. The program installed and works just fine. And the product is everything it said it was and more.

Thank you for this wonderful piece of software, this purchase is one I'm happy with.

Rene StrauB, Germany

Good work ..

Keith Christie, United States

It works very well and without prompts.

Ilan Avramov, Israel

Ad Muncher, it's the best!!!