Shahrol Faizal Mohamad, Malaysia

This the best program to block advertisments. Nice work.

D A, United States

This is the best program ever! All annoying banner ads are banished forever!


The best piece of Australian software. It's a boon to dial up users like me, almost 600 Mb of bandwidth saved every month, and the browsing gets significantly faster.

My top recommendation of all ad blockers!!


Admuncher works well, was easy to download, is simple to turn off if need be, and turn back on. Very worth it!

Oma Brown, United States

I just love Ad Muncher. It blocks all pop ups. Thank you so very much for providing a product that really works.

Thomas Henderson, United States

It is so pleasing to be able to use the Internet without all the unwelcome popups and banners and flashing ads that AdMuncher keeps away.

Daniel Kozik, United States

I was very happy with the way everything went and how Ad Muncher works. I wish I had heard about it sooner.

W. L., Germany

A very useful and well programmed tool for all who hate advertisements.

Rowland Adams, United Kingdom

Works like a charm, gets rid of those annoying ads. Easy to use.

June McGaughey

Ad Muncher is great, not only has it blocked everything, but also sped up my PC. Thank you for making ad muncher an affordable adware blocker.

Donald Gregory, United States

I have only been using Ad Muncher for a few days and wish that I had heard of it sooner.

Charley Roberts, United States

This is the first program that I've found to eliminate the ads from the bottom of the AOL e-mail. I'm still using dial-up and the ads munched from the various sites, increases the speed of my surfing.

Michael 3ak

I like Ad Muncher! :-)

Karen Stevenson, Virginia

I just wish I had heard about it earlier!


The best pop-up blocker on the market.

Robert Logan, United Kingdom

I have tried many ad blockers and this one is the best that is out there rigth now.

J. Wahlund

The ads on my Yahoo page aren't there any more!! It's worth it just for that.

Yossi Ronnen, Canada

Best ad blocker around. No hidden adware, no annoying toolbars.

Imlu, South Africa

It's a great program! Works with Chrome without messing around with settings etc. Well worth the money.

Alice Debevits, United States

I dislike those annoying popups, and I don't think that people should have to put up with them. Since I started using Ad Muncher, I haven't had to look at them now. I love it, and it really works great too. Thanks for this useful software, and keep up the good work!

Joern Runar Salamonsen, Norway

Work perfectly to block advertising, I bought two licenses.


Works like a CHAMP! and was easy to configure.

Carl Sherdley, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher really works and so much better than say, Adblocker, which is OK but needs a lot more interaction.

Carol Lower, United States

I really like Ad Muncher. When I play Pinochle on Yahoo, it blocks all of their pop up ads.


Excellent product, running it with Vista and does the job perfect! Would advise anyone to give it a go!

Mary, United States

I just love Ad Muncher, it is great software! I was unable to play some games at one site because the ads would slow game down so time was up before I could get thru it. It is worth every penny it costs to register this software! And I just love the little cow munching everytime an ad would try to come up. Have recommended it to some of my internet friends.

Ty Noe

About a month ago we were talking about Admuncher. I downloaded the free trial version, but I sort of forgot about it lately. Well, today my little "time's up" notice popped up on the screen but I was busy so I ignored it. Of course, my admuncher went away. All of a sudden there was all this garbage all over my computer! Stuff was driving me nuts! Then I realized what had happened - all those ads had come back. Needless to say, I went straight to the Admuncher web site and bought that puppy! It's worth it! I didn't realize how much stuff was blocked till it got UN-blocked!!! I probably would never have heard of it if you hadn't mentioned it on here, so thanks, man! I owe you one!

Michael Schneider, Germany

I have been looking for other tools which offer the same or at least equal functionality and/or convenience but without success. Ad Muncher is the best tool to block ads out there and the registration really seems to pay off because it works faster and even more thorough now than during the trial phase. I can really recommend this fine piece of software to anyone who feels annoyed by all the ads out there.

Antti T.

Simply the best advert remover there is. Lightweight, supports all ever invented and yet-to-be-invented browsers, requires almost zero configuration, problem free, efficient at its main job and cheap. What else could user wish for?

Francois Blais, Canada

Very nice junk filtering system! Keep up the good work!

Shaul, United States

It's a great product, easy to install, really blocks ads. Like no other!

Leif Enke, Germany

Runs smooth without problems. Blocks ALL ads. Better than any other tool. A must have for everyone.

Alfonso Martinez, Peru

Great software, love it.

Betty Coleman, United Kingdom

I am very satisfied with the programme.

Dan O, United States

It's a must have software. Keep up the good work.

Patricio Munoz, Chile

It is really the only effective tool to browse the internet.

Wade Keever

Seems to be working very well at this time.

Nene Bien, United States

I used to have ad blocking with my Norton Security system, but it is no longer available. Ad Muncher is much better than my Norton was. Thanks so much for your wonderful program! :)

Jenny S

Just think this is a worthwhile product if you are in sites that do a lot of advertising. Have had no bother with ads since I found Ad Muncher. Would recommend product.

Francine Littell, United States

Ad Muncher is wonderful......try the free trial and then try going without it again.......you'll buy for sure!

Edward Videtic, United States

I would highly recommend using Ad Muncher for those who wish to retain their privacy. In my opinion Ad Muncher works better than any popup blocker or ad blocker I have tried, and I have tried just about all that are available. Now when I open programs that force advertising or banners on me the banner box is blank, and no more ads that were so annoying. Do yourself a favor and get Ad Muncher, you surely wont regret it. Ad Muncher uses very little memory, and wont gobble up your computer resources, or CPU time either, it just sits in the system tray waiting to catch those annoying advertisements. I like it, and my thanks to the Ad Muncher development team for a great piece of software. Thank you .

Joanne G

I recently started a new job, and Ad Muncher is the first thing I installed on the computer here. It's absolutely the best program around.

Daniel P, United States

It's a great product, no more annoying ads to deal with!


It works great.

F. Edwin Felty, United States

So far, so good. Ad Muncher is playing well with Spybot S & D (Teatimer active), Malwarebytes paid version, A Squared paid version, SuperAntiSpyware Pro paid version, Hostman with 140K+ blocked adware sites, Quero toolbar (which has some ad blocking capability) and Microsoft's Security Essentials. I don't see any ads at all, so far.


For anyone who has never tried Admuncher, you are missing out on an experience that not only speeds up your browsing abilities, but it takes away all those annoying advertisements and banner ads. I have been using Admuncher for 3 years now and having Admuncher is just as important to me as my virus protection is. It is definitely a must! Try it. You will not be disappointed.


Ad Muncher is a good friend and companion for those who use the Internet.

Ddebbie Moore

Brilliant, no more annoying & distracting adverts.

Diego Solare, Canada

It is phenomenal, there is nothing that compares to it out there, small and yet the most effective program I have ever tested. And last but not least, the ability to download upgrades for one year.... Great Job!!!

M. Harvey, United States

Ad Muncher works exactly as stated it would and I'm very happy I purchased it ... it's a great using it to eliminate the ads in Paltalk messenger. I highly recommend it to my Paltalk friends.

Dmitriy Titarenko, Russia

Excellent program for people who do not wish to complicate their lives trying to configure similar programs and plug-ins for browsers.

ML, Canada

A much welcome piece of software! It makes viewing web pages so much easier by preventing all those annoying pop-ups.

Jerry Jenkins, United States

I like Ad Muncher because it suppresses annoying ads, quickly and cleanly.

Chris Makin

The internet drives me crazy without Ad Muncher.

Pedro Gerrit Wassenaar, Netherlands

I am very very happy with your product.....

Sergej 'GetinakS' Ivanov, Russia

The best ad-filtering software in the world!

Jean McCullough, United States

I do enjoy not having to be annoyed with ads.

Candace Mantha, Canada

It is awesome, improved my antique computer operation a great deal.

Artem Ivanov, Russia

Must have!!! :-)

Saren Abildtrup

I've been using the program since May 2007 and I can only say to others.... get it!! You won't regret it.

It blocks and/or removes just about all annoying ads. I've tried to browse the pages I usually visit using other computers and boy, what a mess!!! Couldn't wait to get back to my own PC and no ads.

Again can't emphasize enough ... get it!

Steven Ferron, France

Ad Muncher is the most powerful and intelligent anti-spam/popup I've ever seen.

Ed Caceres

Ad Muncher has been rock-solid and stable for me over several years of use. In addition to removing ads, it has been a very effective tool for DISCOVERING and KILLING certain web-oriented viruses which other anti-virus tools never noticed - by recording web-accesses to strange websites in the logfile window. I highly recommend it!

David Naylor, United Kingdom

Its so good you forget about it. Switch it off and it becomes obvious that you cannot surf the net without getting annoying constant pop ups.. I re-installed Windows about 3 months ago and so far to date it has blocked 117,894 ads and saved nearly 1gb of bandwith. One of the best progs on my computer. 100% effective.

Imdej of RI, United States

Just give it a try. Download the trial and you will decide to buy this product.

Paul Millar, United Kingdom

The best cross program advert remover I have ever used.


IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've used IE's pop-up blocker and a few toolbars that I downloaded and that had pop-up blockers - none of them worked.


It's a very good software helping you to fight against banners! You must have it!

David Smith, United States

I love not having the pop-up ads. The options screen is very helpful and I have set several options such as prevent sites changing tool bar colors.


There isn't much that can be said that hasn't already been said by others. I look forward to a long and enjoyable grazing experience with "The Cow"!

Michael Chuko, United States

Nothing special to say here but....I like it. It does a good job at blocking most ads (some do show up), it does not appear to slow down my system and uses a small amount of memory. I've had no system stability issues and it works equally well with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Julio, United States

Ad Mucher works well on lots of website popups. The best popup program, number 1, thank you.

Karen Bunke, United States

With all of my anti-spyware and anti virus software, rubbish was still getting through via the ads. I feel so much better now. And its a really reasonable price, so why not just buy it?

Lowell A

The best ad-blocking app available on the internet today! I love this. I have been using this app for more than 2 years! I build custom PCs, and I make sure my clients buy this software. Awesome job guys! Blocks pop ups, ads, ads from videos! If you have not purchased this yet, don't wait, you wont regret it! Buy now!

Denis Kozak, Russia

Good program ! Thank you ! Best regards !

Jose Antonio Berrocal, Spain

Ad Muncher is very good!

Aron McMullen

It is the best: AAAAA