Ad-Muncher is the best advert-blocker I know and does its job very efficiently. Can only recommend it.

Joshua Pabon, United States

Aside from not supporting https connections (which is understandable, given the nature of https) I'm very satisfied with this program and would highly recommend! Very configurable and stubbornly effective!

Scott Hollamby, United Kingdom

I hate having adverts forced upon me while I'm online and Ad Muncher stops the lot!

Going online without it now would be like me leaving the house naked.

Thank you Ad Muncher ;)

Mike, United States

Without a doubt the best ad blocker I've used in years. Nothing compares. Thanks!

Daniel B, Germany

I've been using extensions like "adblock plus" for a long time but Ad Muncher is the most reliable ad blocking software I ever used.

David Sherman, United States

I would have purchased it earlier but at that time it was too much. Now, its priced right.

Good product.


Branden, United States

I have high speed internet and ads don't really slow my connection speed. It is just nice to not see them anymore! THANK YOU AD MUNCHER!!!

K McKenzie, United States

I was so impressed with the product, I also bought a copy to place on my teenage daughters computer. In spite of antivirus and spyware software, she was still infecting the computer from clicking ads on Facebook. This is a blessing!

Stephen Preston, Australia

I've used many different ad-blocking programs and addons, but Ad Muncher is by far the best solution I have come across. Not only is the program wonderful, but the ad lists are frequently updated and very effective.

Bill Edgington

I'm amazed at the pop-up blocking abilities of the Ad Muncher. There were a few stubborn websites that I thought I would never get rid of pop-ups from, however, Ad Muncher took care of them. Thank you for such a wonderful program!

Mark C.

Simply stated, Ad Muncher works as advertised! It was very easy to set up and I love how it performs. Well done!

KRB, Florida

Amazing. No more clutter, no more mess. Smooth surfing.

Laurent, France

Great software!

Tammie Baker, United States

I would recommend Ad Muncher to anyone and everyone (which I have), I love this little tool, and wouldn't use anything else. One VERY satisfied customer :)

Robert Dunbar, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher is super quick, works across multiple browsers and is completely customizable. Great product.

John Novak, United States

Really nice program. Much better than the free ones I saw on the internet. If you have any doubt that it works just check the logs and see all of the junk it blocks. And if that's not enough you can add your own filters.

Eliass Khalifa, Netherlands

Good, fast and easy to use software. Very satisfied.

Connie Sansome, United States

Can't use the internet without it!

Gary Fritzinger, United States

I think this product does exactly what it claims: Munches Ads, and it is by far the best ad blocker I have ever used.

Rita Ihly

I have had Ad Muncher for years, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your program, and the updates you have provided to keep abreast of the needs. I have totally enjoyed ad-free web browsing over the many years I have had Ad Muncher. I cannot speak highly enough of what you have done for my web browsing. I have had a computer since the mid 80's, and I am now, myself 81 years old, but totally appreciate not having to deal with the craziness of ads and popups, etc. Please, know that there must be many of us who are so grateful to you and your staff that have provided this service. I cannot believe how many folks I know suffer the ads, and have not found Ad Muncher. Please accept my deepest gratitude for a well developed program that keeps on getting better!

GGB, Germany

There are software programs, that are useless. There are those, that are helpful. Then there exists sofware, that I'd call "must have". And then there are just a few that top that, that are absolultely essential. Ad Muncher is one of those. Installed it - ads are gone. Deeply fell in love with it :-)

Jason Dodsworth, United Kingdom

What's to say? It does what it's meant to do better than any other program, free or commercial.

RRR, United States

Deep respect for Murray Hurps and his development team to continue the coding work on AdMuncher for 10 years now. The changelog is impressive and this is how software should be maintained. I'm eagerly awaiting the C port. Thanks you guys for the most stable, fastest and best coded ad blocker out there.

Dirk B., Germany

It just works.

Erlend Isaksen, Norway

Simply the best ad blocking program there is.

Allan, Canada

Got rid of those stressful ads, thanks.


Ad Muncher is a brilliant product. It's transformed my time on the computer, because some of the ads were making my time on here a total misery. It's worth every penny!!!


Miranda Tucker

It saves me a lot of time not having to close all those unwanted pages that used to pop up while visiting all kinds of websites.

Thomas Sproule, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher is a very good program, I would recommend it to all my friends and family.

Nicola Jane, United Kingdom

Amazing! I had so many problems with ads freezing pages, and now I have absolutely no issues with that. Ad Muncher is my net savior.

Brooke Baird, Canada

Very effective application, kills every annoying web ad I've encountered thus far. Affordable and doesn't take up lots of space on my old 40GB hard drive.

Tuncay Yildirim, Canada

So far, I am very impressed with the capabilities of this software. Now I can visit even the web sites with most persistent pop-ups, without being annoyed anymore! I can recommend the Ad Muncher to everyone without hesitation.

Peter Rockas, United States

After trying several applications advertised as "Ad-Blockers" but in actuality were more centered on spyware, I tried Ad Muncher. After running it for one day on the free 30 day trial, I purchased it. It was just what I was looking for. My browser pages are clear of annoying and distracting ads. I am very happy with my purchase of Ad Muncher; I even like the cow icon ;)

Ulises Mendez, United States

For me this is the best ad-blocker out there, period. Thank you.

Christine Young, United States

This program is the greatest, all those moving ads are "munched"!

Howard Yamaguchi, United States

This tool eliminates those intrusive, noisy, and unasked-for ads, both static and animated. A great tool, well worth every penny!


Being a proud registered Ad Muncher user since April 2006, I just snatched another license for my new laptop computer. Ad Muncher just works - something that is really hard to find nowadays. Thanks for the great tool!

Mike Hathaway, United Kingdom

After only an hour of using Ad Muncher, I knew I'd never find a better ad blocking solution.

DeWayne B., USA

Mr. Hurps, thank you so very much. This is one of the best tools I have ever had the pleasure of using and I'm very pleased to finally get to employ it in full form. I fully expect to be a life long customer and am telling all the PC users I know of your excellent program. I wish you much success.


Ad Muncher is like my own personal surfing companion. Blocks advertising and kills unwanted popups in all popular browsers; because these annoying ads are prevented from loading, web pages load quicker; Ad Muncher prevents the silent installation of many spyware and adware. The Filter List is updated promptly every day, automatically if you prefer. Ad Muncher will even inform you if a new version/build becomes available and gives you the option to either be notified or have them installed automatically. Far superior to any other ad filtering program. Credits to Murray Hurps.

Wanda Holcomb, United States

When I tried Ad Muncher's 30 day trial I totally loved it, and couldn't wait to get the funds to buy it so I could have it forever. It never failed to take the ads away and make the games run smoother and faster. I would reccommend Ad Muncher.

A. Goyal, United States

Love to see the ads munched away! I now see less crud than I used to, especially the animated ads that were so distracting.

Y. Ronnen, Canada

A great product. Blocks almost every ad by default, and allows you to block any other ad you find quickly. Works with all browsers, and the latest version works even with Windows 2008 R2. Worth every penny.

Harold Watson, United States

It is such a relief to pull up web sites and not be bombarded with ads. The $20 (USD) for this product is well worth the money.


A must-have program for anyone who uses the Internet. The most important software on your PC next to your OS and browser.

Christian Simonsson, Sweden

It works great for me and that's what I hear from others too!

William Logan, United States

This is a great product and we get no garbage while we are on the internet


Very pleased with ad muncher, does a fantastic job! Would advise anyone to give it a try!

G.B., Australia

Fantastic product, best ad blocking software I've used, nothing compares to it - and I've tried heaps of them. Love it! Love it!Love it! Thank you!

Steve Remias, Canada

Just keep doing what your doing. This is by far the best program I'm currently using. There's nothing on the market today that can compare to Ad Muncher.

Mark Poellinger, United States

I have gladly paid for 2 licenses and have recommended Ad Muncher to my friends. Here's to you Mr Hurps. Nicely done.

Gary Guinn, United States

The new Norton software did not remove banners on Internet Explorer so I tried Ad Muncher and was very pleased with that and more. Great fix.

Tom Turbo , BC Canada

For all you on line game site players.. if annoying ads interupt your concentration playing your favorite game... I STRONGLY recommend Ad Muncher, it REALLY WORKS, and worth every penny.

Jacqueline Turnmire, United States

I was using "Ad Blocker Pro" and decided to try "Ad Muncher" to see if it was a better product. I love it! Does the job and more.

Daniel Sedhom

Ad Muncher is the best software available for Windows. Best ever. Full stop. I don't browse on any computer without it. Worth the few bucks to get a legit license. It has saved me about 3GB+ on bandwidth. It has saved me having to stare at annoying "cheap viagra" flashing ads. Good job, Murray Hurps and the Ad Muncher Team. I commend you for coding the best software EVER!

Tim Hall, United Kingdom

Very happy with the program, the internet is almost unusable without Ad Muncher. Thank you.

Breyerlady, United States

It is wonderful to not be bothered by ads when playing yahoo games.

Ton van de Zandschulp, Netherlands

It's a very fine piece of software. It works great.

Artem Dashitsyrenov, Russia

No doubt your software is amazing, and I'm not joking -- Ad Muncher is my first software I paid for. I think your team do a great job, thank you!

Berliner, Canada

I have enjoyed the web a lot more since the infernal blinking, moving ads and videos are no longer distracting me.

Sue, in Northern California, USA

Using your product was necessary because I had to upgrade to Norton 360 v2.0. This new version of 360 eliminated the ad blocking feature in v1.0. After about 1 1/2 years of having ads blocks, it was nearly impossible for me to concentrate on even my emails (with yahoo/att) because of all of the flashing ads, crawling ads, et al, ad nauseum. Complaining to Norton was fruitless as they apparently couldn't care less. Your product has made it possible for me to use my computer my way, rather than how advertisers, isps, applications, and most websites would have me use my own computer - by being forced to look at whatever commercials and garbage they throw on the screen. I liken this problem to using the mute button on the television. Thank you.

Katherine, United States

I love Ad Muncher!! Can now play my games ad-FREE!! Thanks.

Eileen, United States

A friend told me if I tried it I would buy it, and he was right!

William, UK and Oman

For most of the year I live in a part of Oman where the only internet service available is via the Nawras mobile network. The monthly charge is the approximate equivalent of 2 US dollars per Mb for the first 10Mb, and 1 US dollar per Mb thereafter. I was shocked when I noticed that in order to access my Yahoo! Mail, I was using 450Kb because of all the graphic ads - and that was before I even read or sent any mail! I was no longer prepared to pay almost a dollar a time just to see a lot of rubbish which I wasn't in the slightest bit interested in, and tried out various ad blocking applications. The only one which answered my needs was Ad Muncher: it is low on resource usage, it is unobtrusive and most importantly it does exactly what I want it to do: gets rid of the ads and, when I am paying by the Mb, saves me money. Oh, and I just love that munching cow which moves its jaws when it blocks an ad! In my opinion, it is the only ad blocker worth paying for.