Terry G, USA

Excellent ad blocking software. Installation is a breeze. It works so smoothly in the backround that you don't even know it is running. I speeds up net surfing and lets you see more of what you want to see on a page not cluttered with ads.

Daniel, United States

Simply put, this utility does exactly what they advertise.

Lloyd, United States

Gets rid of unwanted, unneeded, distracting ads and pop-ups.

Natalia Vasilchuk, Latvia

This software is really good at 'munching' all unwanted popups and ads, which makes surfing a lot more pleasant. And the price is affordable, so you don't have to look for cracked versions :-) Well done!

Jeff Phillips

Works on all types of ads right out of the box. Wonderful product...but don't tell the advertisers!

Carsten Jargensen, Denmark

It is just SO good to get rid of irritating ads - now I can concentrate on the relevant stuff.

Shockley Consulting

I absolutely adore Ad Muncher. It takes up so little space but does such a good job munching a bunch. Ad Muncher is far superior to AdSubtract.

Buna E

Does what it says! The best Ad Blocker. I have tried so many trial versions of other ad blockers - None of them have really delivered what they promise.
Every dime spent on this product is well spent! I have now purchased twice.

M Jenu

Never thought adblocking would be this easy! Truly worth its (small) price. Seriously.

Stephen Struharik, United States

Hooray for no more dancing babies, punch the clown, and other annoying rubbish that shows up when I load a page.

David Guelpa, South Africa

I tried numerous programs to get rid of annoying ads that pop up everywhere and the only program that could really do the job is Ad Muncher. A sheer pleasure to surf the internet, thanks to Ad Muncher. A must have program.

James Nolan, United Kingdom

The only program I've found that *effectively* blocks all the ads on google chrome - good work!

Alexander Cherke, Russia

It seems to be the best program of such a kind. And now it works in Vista too.


I think it's great, and I love to watch that cow munch away...

Gary Davis, Australia

I have been using Super Ad Blocker for a while, but after changing to Windows 7, Ad Muncher was superior and easier to use.

Gert Ohlsson, Sweden

This is fantastic, it kill all ads and my CPU is working normally at last. I use IE8 and Ad Muncher works without any problem at all. Well spent money. THANKS!!!

Dean Chapman, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher is simple to use yet very efficient at its intended job, and it's also very customizable so will suit most needs and configurations. Ads are gone and that makes me happy.

Carsten Hvilsted, Denmark

Ad Muncher is the best. No doubt. To do the same in Firefox's Ad Block is impossible. Not to mention IE. And by the way, it is good for me, because I use IE and don't like firefox.

Elaine Smith, Australia

Thanks for taking all those damn ads away.

TNZ Team

Excellent program :)

Johnny Jensen, Denmark

I've jumped and danced since I got this program.

Andre Garcia, Portugal

Everything I can say, by now, is that although Ad Muncher is not perfect (nothing in life is), it is the best application of its class! I tried other apps, all of them much worse! Therefore, I decided to purchase Ad Muncher. It is not overpriced, which is very important as well...

Daniel Morong, United States

I am so happy to have finally found a product that works, after trying many others. Ad Muncher has exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Miguel C.S., Spain

It just works as it says. Right out of the box! You'll notice it immediately when you open your browser after installing this gem. Doesn't bother you at all and it's equiped with all kinds of options. There are so many people around the globe loving Ad Muncher.. You won't go wrong with it. Should be installed by default with Windows. Excellent work.


The privacy protection is a key plus over and above the ad blocking.

Boguslaw Janczynski, Poland

It is a very good product, which blocks 100% ads.

Ray Reynolds

Ad Block and Firefox had screwups I couldn't fix. I went to Apple Safari with Ad Muncher and this works well.

Jennifer Malloy, Australia

Not only am I delighted with how the Ad Muncher program makes games fun again, my internet useage dropped by one third last month without all those ads being downloaded and the tracking cookies that come with them.

Richard McGowan, United States

I used Intermute's "Ad Subtract" for years, and stuck with it even 2 years after they stopped making the product. When I found Ad Muncher I was very pleased. And 2 weeks into my free trial I was impressed enough to get a 2 machine subscription. I love the product. Thanks. It makes my web experience much nicer. I *HATE* blinky moving ads!

Adrian, New Zealand

I installed Ad Muncher on my Mother's pc, on rural dial-up. Now not having the minimal bandwidth stolen by adverts has made a really noticable improvement to her net performance - thanks Murray for a gem no-one should be without :)

June Young, United Kingdom

I'm just very pleased with Ad Muncher, and I will recommend you to all of my friends.

Samuel Ceccola, United States

Great product. It resolved 3 problems I had: 1. Unwanted ads in Internet Explorer. 2. Unwanted ads in Firefox 3. When closing IE, I was getting a Memory Error message. Since I installed Ad Muncher, the error has NOT occurred.

Great Product - don't change a thing.

Sara, United States

I used to be a die-hard Adsgone fan. I had upgraded my computer and reinstalled the latest version of Adsgone, but for some reason it wasn't working right on a number of levels. I tried fixing the problem and emailed Adsgone but never got a reply back, so I decided to search for an alternative program. On one of my internet searches there was a mention of Ad Muncher. I checked out the reviews which were all positive. One person even stated it was better than Adsgone. I just had to try it out. After a couple days of using the free trial I was convinced I made the right choice and registered. Thank you Ad Muncher!!

Shirley Blanchard

I think that admuncher is the best pop-up blocker on the internet.

Dermot Graves, Australia

Works very smoothly in the background-Better than I expected.

S Pavon, United States

The best blocker around, try the free trial and you will buy because you will see that it really works.

Pino Silvestre, Italy

Fantastic ad block, I'm happy I got it. Thanks.

Piotr Korzeniowski, Poland

Great job :)

Youssef Nadim Ahmed, Egypt

Excellent program. Got rid of all pop ups and ads.

Barbara Fletcher, United States

It's great. Muching out the ads speeds up the loading process.

Bruce Houghtaling, United States

Makes surfing fun again. Removes 90% of distractions. Easy configuration.


If you want a hassle free and smooth surfing experience, this is the one to go for.

Roger Saucier, United States

I've been using Ad Mucher for 2 months now, it's the best ad remover I've ever seen. I would recommend it to all Yahoo gamers and all Yahoo pool players, it's awesome when you have a lag issue.


This is the only 100% cure against ads. You only have to install it once and can then forget about it.

Brett Abbott, United States

Very good little program that munches ads like candy and makes my webpages load faster. Very nice and compact

Dennis, Netherlands

Ad Muncher is one of the best programs in its class. It does what it says it does, and does it real well.

Pavel T

I decided to give Ad Muncher a try and I'm happy that I did so. It really is the best software I've ever found for ad removal. Works flawlessly in the background, doesn't take much system resources and filters all my browsers at the same time. It saves me a lot of time by preventing me from wasting my time and attention on the ads. Thanks a lot.

Joni Iswanto, Indonesia

Very helpful, filtering advert images in a website that potentially reduce the quality of web surfing.

Harry Simpson

An excellent control of unwanted adverts.

Gregor Weyers, Germany

It's a wonderful system.

Asaf Paryenti, Israel

Great software. Blocks everything!!

Vadim Kuzmitskiy, Russia

Do you like Web 2.0? Then Ad Muncher make your life easier. Very light. Extremely powerful. Sufficient to change your view on the Internet.

Vijaya Kumar Godugu

Ad Muncher was by far the best product I have tried after a lot of trial and error with many ad blocking tools. It has eliminated 98% of the ads without even grey banner backgrounds that usually left by other tools. It is clean and clear elimination of the ads and popups. It is worth registering this product.

Looi, Malaysia

This is the best ad filtering I've used so far. Keep up the good work.

TAM, United States

Ad Muncher stops ads from playing in flash videos!

Kay Kirkham, Spain

Ad Muncher is great, I'm not waiting or getting delayed by ads all the time, well worth the registration!!!!

Warren Whittier, United States

At one time, Norton Internet Explorer had an excellent pop-up/pop-under blocker, and an add-on that took good care of banners, sidebars, etc...for a couple years I saw NO ads on the websites I visited.

Upon upgrading to the current iteration of NIS, I was disappointed to find many (and far more distracting) ads cluttering webpages again...and Symantec had no answer to my query about the loss of their previously helpful feature.

I began looking for an equivalent product, though I was at first quite leery of 'unknown name' software (you may recall my initial contact with you about compatibility issues with NIS).

Since installing Ad Muncher I have been very pleased with the performance...so I registered. I will certainly tell others about Ad Muncher, and believe it to be a product of high value for low cost. Good luck, Mates, and thanks!

Name Withheld, United States

It works so well and in the background, too. I just love the way it blocks all that bandwidth the ads take.

Francois Hua

Ad Muncher works flawlessly: no more annoying ads, the loading of the pages are now very fast. Very good job!

Mohd Izezuddin Idris, Malaysia

I hate ads very much and now I have the solution... Ad Muncher!

Igor Plyusnin, Russia

Ad Muncher is the best of its kind as far as I know. Good job and thanks!

Inderjit Kumar, United States

The best of the best programs to stop annoying ads.

Anton Kurnitzky, Germany

Best ad blocker I've seen and worked with. And I have tested a lot!

Joe LaVigna, United States

Definitely effective...it blocks EVERY AD...even some which you may want to see, like promotions in an airline or travel Web site where you are seeking a good deal for your next trip. But clicking on the handy "Munched" label for the ad that was blocked, allows you to view it. I used the trial version for 30 days without purchasing the program, then waited and waded through another 30 days of unmunched ads before I felt overwhelmed by them and bought the full program.

James, United States

Ad Muncher has provided me with everything I wanted from an ad blocker with zero input or effort from myself.

Tony Brezovski

Essential utility, if you surf at all. Yeah, I know you can edit your HOSTS file or get a Firefox extension or download an ad blocking file for Opera or even mess with Proxomitron, but just get Ad Muncher instead. It really is all you need.


The proof is in the pudding, it Simply Works.

Patricia Davies, United Kingdom

Steer clear of ads with Ad Muncher.

Dmitry Leshchenko, Russia

I think your product is very good work.

L Rentell, Australia

It can be configured to work quietly and unnoticed in the background.

Berrnard Standaert, Belgium

Small application but a great tool.....

Luke, United Kingdom

Quite simply the best anti-advertisment program out there. Not bloated like popular similar programs. Stops the application even loading the content rather than just hiding it, speeding up page load times (noticeably!) giving you quicker surfing. 10/10.

Denise ~NY

If you like to play games on websites, as I do. This is the only program you will need. Ad Muncher has made a big difference in not only the enjoyment of not having those annoying Pop-Up's while playing, but in the actual enhancement of the game time. You will never play a game on line again, without this program!

Bryn Barnes, United Kingdom

Great speeded up game loading immensely.

Jukka Partanen, Finland

I think that Ad Muncher is a must with IE.

James R Loder, Australia

Munches all ads.