J. Walters, United States

I didn't realize how annoying pop-up ads were, until I no longer had to deal with them. Many thanks.


I've been using Ad Muncher for a long while and I love it. Today I tried Hulu.com and Ad Muncher stripped the ads from the video streams. I was so happy, I came to the site to find out if I can just GIVE you more money. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!! I'm buying a license for everyone's birthday.

Winging it, United States

I absolutely love it, no ads!!! I have dialup and it speeds my pc up considerably.

Greg Donoho, United States

I'll say this: It works astonishingly well, far better than expected. Your trial period did the trick and I was convinced it was worth it.


Best Ad Blocker I have ever tried and I tried a lot of them. I like that you can allow certain websites to show ads if you want. Worth the money.

Richard Moses, United Kingdom

Does exactly what it says on the box, and good value too.

Artybabes, United States

Works great.

Roy, Ontario, Canada

Amazing how much cleaner each web page looks when the ads are removed! And you can zero in much faster to what you really want to see on the page. Does everything I need.


This is one of the best programs I ever seen.
Small, friendly, full of features and works!

A program really worth paying for, as my friends and family know well by now.

Terry, United States

Fast, effective, and you can block some ads and leave others if you wish. Is reasonably priced, updated often, what more can you hope for in software?

Patrick Kealy of WA, Australia

Great product, great service, and saves a lot in unnecessary downloads.

Ciro Cane

Ad Muncher: simple, fast, effective.

Susan Bass, United States

I am truly impressed with this product! I spend a great deal of time on the computer and no longer have to deal with annoying banners or videos that appear out of nowhere.

Burt, United States

Does exactly what it says.....very well!

Kenneth San Vicente, United States

Works well, I like it.

Patricia Garrison, United States

It really works well!

Mark Fisher, United States

Ad Muncher is a "set it and forget it" utility that simply works. I was surprised to see just how effective Ad Muncher is at removing annoying ads. Ads consume bandwidth and increase the time that it takes for web pages to load, but Ad Muncher does an incredible job at removing ads making pages load much faster. Ad Muncher is well worth the money!

Howard Morgan, United Kingdom

I used it as a trial and found I just couldn't be without it when the trial ran out. Websites I had only seen ad-free, I found completely unacceptable with their ads cluttering up the screen. I wish there was something like it to block TV ads.

Milad Gaber, Canada

A great piece of software, powerful, versatile and light on system resources.

Etienne Rossouw

A nice little program that makes web browsing less annoying.


This is one program that completely sanitizes *ALL* web traffic to your computer, in a small, easy to use and unobtrusive package. Even IE users will have a comparatively safer browsing experience!


I would have to give up browsing the Internet without Ad Muncher. Every once in a while I get a glimpse of my usual sites without Ad Muncher - It's like being in a pinball arcade. You have a great product and are performing a public service.

TH, Australia

I cannot live without Ad Muncher. It reduces my page download page by half and I no longer have to be distracted by annoying advertisements or malicious infectious pop up windows. I just love it. Thank you so much. I am a customer for life.

Thomas R Treviranus Sr, United States

Ad Muncher is the best system afloat. I can't do without ad muncher. Keep up the good work folks.

S.T. de Jong, Netherlands

It is a great program, thank you very much for removing all that dirty rubbish from my desktop ;-)

Guillermo Blanco

I've tried every type of ad blocker there is and none of them compare to Ad Muncher. I've been able to block every ad on any website since I've installed this.

I've now had this program for going on 3 years and it was the best investment ever.


Ad Muncher is always the first program I download on a newly installed PC!

Anne Marie Mercurio, United States

Ad Muncher works! Peace at last!

Theresa W, United States

I just love it. It gets rid of all those annoying ads that AOL has plastered all over my mail.. Definitely worth the price.

Marion Mengel, Canada

I tried varois ad blockers, Ad Muncher has the best price/performance ratio. A great little tool!

Ian, United States

I have really noticed a difference using Ad Muncher with Firefox in terms of pages loading faster after installing this. I used a lot of different add-ons for Firefox to stop ad spam in the past, Noscript, Adblock plus and they all somehow slowed the page loading. Ad Muncher does the opposite, speeds up browsing and removes tons of annoyances that slow down browsing. Great product!

Petros Vassiliou, Germany

Ad Muncher is the answer to everybody saying that Internet Explorer 8 doesn't have an ad blocker. Ad Muncher works with most browsers and its integration with the OS guarantees the best speed and most powerful filtering

Thomas Brickley

Thank you, thank you for ad muncher. I got rid of my TV many years ago because I could not tolerate all of the ads, and switched to the internet for all of my news, entertainment, etc. But in the last few years the internet has become just as bad if not worse. I've only only used this program for a day and my blood pressure has already dropped dramatically. Thanks

Bob M.

I just want to tell you that I have been using Ad Muncher for quite some time now, and without a doubt it is the very best of it's kind. You have done a fabulous job with this software, keep it up.

John Adamson, United States

The thing really works - I was surprised. Money well spent.

Wendell Dunning, United States

It works well right out of the box and needed no cofiguration on my part.


It's perfect!

Sam, United States

The only package I know of that truly blocks ads.


It's wonderful to have all the annoying ads gone!

Tom S.

Excellent program, the very best, and I've tried them all.

Eric Praseuth, France

The best software for blocking popups, bad scripts, etc.

Lisa, United States

So far, I am happy with Ad Muncher in that it really eliminates all ads that are sore to my eyes and stressed me at times.

I had Kaspersky which also blocked banner ads and that worked pretty good too except it blocked some websites completely. (CNN-Int'l, etc) Bummer that Norton doesn't have banner ad blocking which disappointed me.

Anyway, after free trial of 30 days, I decided to buy Ad Muncher because it works. Keep up the good work!

Raelene Sehl, Australia

I think this is a great product I have been running the trial program for the last month and I am very impressed how simply and easily it works. I don't have to do anything Ad Muncher does it all for me. I am certainly not missing all those unwanted pop ups and ads. So glad I found it.

John ORourke, United States

A must have program for all web browsers especially IE8 and Opera. It also has more functions than the Ad-Block extension in Firefox!!

Scrabble Fan

I play scrabble online and my game was lagging badly, hampered by adverts. When I mentioned this my opponent recommended Ad Muncher and I couldn't believe how fantastic it was. My games are now much faster and more enjoyable.

Wojciech Zoltowski, Poland

A very effective program, works very well. My highest recommendation.

Nora Young

It is invisble, trouble free and best of all it WORKS!!!

Victoria Brown, United States

Ad Muncher is a great software program and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of those rotten flashing ads from Internet Explorer and Firefox. This software munches all the ads including pop up ads.

Timothy Reeves, Germany

A friend recommended Ad Muncher - he was very enthusiastic and showed me how a typical portal page, normally with lots of ads, looked like with Ad Muncher active. I was convinced and am now a totally satisfied user myself. I have even linked to the Ad Muncher website from my own landing page - it's the only advert on the whole website.

Goran Racic, Croatia

Great piece of software - light on the memory, fast even on dated systems and most importantly, it does its job really well.

Fransen, Canada

I am delighted at how well Ad Muncher works and was astonished to see that there was not an ad in sight anywhere. I shared this information and I know of three friends that have purchased your program too.

Mikael Savinainen, Finland

Web surfing is nothing without Ad Muncher.

Helene Bouchard, Canada

I love Ad Muncher.

Taylor Maxwell, United States

Does what it promises and does it well!

Paul Howard, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher is the best popup and ad blocker I've come across. Works great, even on flash slide-in or slide-on ads. I'd highly recommend this product.


Well worth the money as it blocks everything, works immediately & you can eaily configure it. I haven't had any ads or pages advertising casinos since installing it.

Andy C, UK

Ad Muncher is a great application. Effortless removal of distracting and unnecessary content from web pages and also reduces web page loading time.

James Caswell

Ad Muncher isn't just an internet browsing tool, it makes your internet explorer a speed deamon!

A happy supporter in CT

I now look forward to my checking my emails just to see how much junk my little friend "Muncher Moo" eats.

Yury Ishchenko, Russia

Definitely the best way to retain control over web surfing experience.

Arthur Richard Geale, Norway

Ad Muncher is brillant!

Phil Goff, United Kingdom

This is wthout doubt the best and easiest ad blocker I've ever used. Thank you.

Marvin Bray, United States

Simply the best blocker program on the market. Pages load faster and you get zero banners that redirect your page. I am 100 percent happy with your product ! And I have recommended it to my friends.

Patrick Laan

Surfing the Internet seems so much quieter now. I love Ad Muncher.

Behzat Serdogan, Turkey

Perfect... thank you..

George Harley, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher does a terrific job keeping distracting and annoying content out of my web browsing. It really helps me focus on what matters to me.

Charles Beatty, United States

It works just it like says it will. For those of us who still have dial-up it's nice not to have to wait for ads to load up before what we really want to see!

Gert-Jan, Netherlands

Highly customizable ad slasher!



Lisbeth G-N, Denmark

I just love it

Joseph Kubinski, United States

Nice not to see any more ads - forgot what that was like!

Luis Branco, Portugal

The best ad blocker.

GLH, United States

Ad Muncher does what it says it does - blocks ads. It even works in Opera. It's light, stabile, and does not conflict with other software. What a great piece of software.

Derek McCabe, Australia

Ad Muncher is without a doubt one of the best pop-up/banner ad blockers I've ever used. Always reliable, rarely interferes with browsing, and is unobtrusive. Purchasers will not be disappointed with this program.

Jimmy Porto, Seneca Falls, NY, United States

I am glad I found Ad Muncher. It is well worth the money and so easy to use. No longer do I hear, "Congratulations! You have won an Ipod" (or whatever else they are suckering you with), and I can watch Hulu commercial-free, which is how I primarily use Ad Muncher.