Stuart Byrd, United States

I had to do without Ad Muncher for a while after formatting my hard drive... It was insufferable.

Judy Kelley, United States

I love Ad Muncher and have recommended it to others.

DM Mann

Very good software and i've tried many adblockers.

Exile, United States

Ad Muncher makes forum surfing on sites that are laden with pop-up and pop-under ads, a real joy! It's as if they just don't exist!

Thanks Ad Muncher!

Kelvin Wheeler, United Kingdom

It is the only pop up blocker that I have used that works and is so easy to set up.

Timothy Sparks, Australia

Ad Muncher saves having garbage thrown in your face, it's like going from tabloid television to the ABC.

Krzysztof Kolodziejczyk, Poland

Blocking ads in many aplications not only web browsers. If you will try Ad Muncher you never stop using it!!! It's great.

Steve, Australia

What can I say, just fantastic, does the job it is supposed to do very fast. Will recommend to other people, little pricey, but I say again does a great job. Tried others but none came close to matching Ad Muncher.

Angela Spears

I love Ad Muncher....I play a lot of online games and it took them forever to load....Because of all the ads....But since I got Ad Muncher it's very fast now....I would recommend that everyone get Ad Muncher...Its worth every penny that I paid for it.

George Rasmussen, United States

I didn't know how much stuff it eliminated till I reloaded my operating system and didn't have it for a while...

Tom Kubitz

It's the neatest ad remover I've seen. Instead of big blocks that bother the eyes, I now simply see [munched].

Brendan Colorado

Ad Muncher allows me to read sites I otherwise would not visit because of the distraction of peripheral movement from moving ads.


All I can say is, no computer should be without it. And I'll be a life time member. The price is right.

Martial Lefebvre, France

Really worth the price!!! No more ads makes your life better!

M Good, United States

Just been using it one day but it seems to be doing well...very satisfied.

Willie Paul

I was having major problems with adverts slowing my computer - especially when playing yahoo pool. Since I downloaded Ad Muncher I have not had any problems whatsoever, thank you very much. I also tried other Ad blockers but they did not work.

Catherine, Michigan, United States

This is an excellent program. If you want to reduce the worry of what your children see, even when they are at children sites, this is your answer. The ads that used to pop up are gone! I absolutely love it and it is well worth the money spent!! You have nothing to lose. Do the trial and you will see for yourself.


You can spend more but you won't get anything like this. Ad Muncher does what it's supposed to do, block ads, period!


Love Ad Muncher.. those flashing ads were giving me a headache and some of them almost made me sick... Love, love, love ADMUNCHER. All it took to convince me was the free trial, I knew right away it was for me... Thanks Again..

Curutchet Christophe, France

Very good universal ad blocker.

William L Shook, United States

I like the program very much.

Carl Varga, United States

The fact that I paid for it says it all. Top shelf.

Geoff Soz

It was great to have the ads removed and give me back the missing space.

Paul Schott, Netherlands

It is nice to be on the Internet without advertisements.

Anders Myrin, Sweden

It just works with everything, just the way I configure it to do. Much better than having to rely on a browser specific plugin.


It's like heaven now "Ad Muncher" eats up all the irritating ads on my game sites.

Dustin, United States

This program is the answer to my prayers. I don't have to worry about seeing pages loaded up with ads anymore. Thanks!!

J. W., United States

I tried two other programs that didn't accomplish what I wanted nearly as well. They both let numerous ads through.

Lynn, United States

This is the best thing since the computer age began.

Derek Menkarski, United States

Working great, thanks.

B.M.A. Schopmeijer. The Netherlands

I used this program for a while as a trail, it is very stable a does the things it's supposed to do: block anoying pop-ups!!!! Great program

Jerry Walsh

Ad Muncher has made web surfing enjoyable again. It has removed the irritation caused by all the advertising.

Petr, Czech Republic

Ad Muncher the ultimate ad blocker - it is not boasting, it is the truth.

Aliaksandr Maiseyenka, Belarus

The best program for banner eating I've ever seen.

Charlotte Knowles, United States

I love Ad Muncher because it eliminates and eats up unwanted and worrisome adverts. Thank you for Ad Muncher!

Jerry Hedwall, United States

It does everything as advertised. Very satisfied.

Agneya, Italy

It simply works well.

Brian Hoban, United States

Working very well.


After trying the 30 day free trial i decided i had to keep it as it made a big difference to the running of my laptop.


Keep up the good work. Nice to have something that works!

Michael Case, United States

Ad Muncher is a fantastic product that will meet your needs.

David Wilson, United States

The support seems to be prompt & informative. The network deployment was not detailed in the installation instructions, but the support provided them when requested.

Kevin Thorpe

This one really works compared to the others i have tried since norton have stopped it on their new versions.

Berry Rinkema, Netherlands

Ad Muncher rules! I never see ads any more, this is definitely worth your money!!! I'm on blogtv and I hear everyone complaining about the ads they show before you see the video screen, well I dont see anything and I recommend Ad Muncher to everyone.

Jeff Blechman

I love the way it works on Hulu. I will tell all my friends who use adblock and Firefox to switch and use your program, because it is just better.

M. Koudijs, Netherlands

Everything works as it should be!

Nicolas Carranza, United States

Best spyware blocker on the market hands down!

Jerry Burton, United States

Works really well on most sites I visit.


It works fine and is well worth it! No stupid ads that keep interupting!

Ash Ketchum

This is the most amazing tool to use in any application!

John Burke, United States

My 30 day free trial ran out and oh my... Where do I register?... Welcome back Ad Muncher.

Thomas R Treviranus Sr, United States

Without a doubt Ad Muncher is far superior to all ad blockers I've used, and I've used many looking for the best. Your program is the best in the world!! Keep up the good work people.

Fabrizio Bruini

Ad Muncher e' un programma che ogni persona che naviga in internet deve installare. Lo consiglio a tutti gli utenti Italiani. Provatelo e poi registratevi...sono 18 Euro spesi bene.


Awesome Product...does exactly what it says on the Tin.. Blocks Ads

Anders Loennqvist, Sweden

I tested the program for 3 weeks and I liked it enough to buy it.

Rodger Turner

Ad Muncher works great for me......My games dont freeze up or slow down when certian ads appear !!

Mrs. W.B. van de Weg, Netherlands

I am very glad with Ad Muncher. Most annoying flickering ads have been removed now. I recommend this program with all my heart.

Jeffrey R, United States

My spyware blocker used to find 10-12 adwares to delete every other day. Now with Ad Muncher, there are only 3 or less. I feel much safer and happier now that all the annoying flashing banner ads are blocked. All the pop-ups are gone too. This is a great program - I just wish I had heard of it sooner.

Billy Ibarra, United States

Ad Muncher is the most powerful ad blocker out there, 'nough said.

M.Z, Sweden

The best adblocker for IE.

Tom Wilson, Texas, United States

Registration went smoothly. Got my registration code immediately after purchasing it. Thanks for a great product!


Ad Muncher makes your internet experience ad-free, nice and clean.
Priceless value for a few coins...

Jeffrey Pierrottie, United States

It works great, and helps load pages faster for sure.

William Walsh, United States

It is great..

Scott, United States

Very good product, used the trial and decided to purchase, it does the job! I used some other software products but yours was better. Thank you.

Donna Langlois, Canada

Fantastic program, increases downloading speed dramatically.

Carl Xuereb, United States

It is great. I am very satisfied. I tried for a month and decided to register.

Davide Gatti

In the few days that I've used Ad Muncher, for all common sites that I normally browse I'm glad to see that Ad Muncher stops all ads, preventing Internet Explorer from crashing due ad intrusion.

Luc, France

Ever since yesterday, since I installed Ad Muncher, I suddenly got rid, not only of all those pesterings ads, but also of web bugs, those tiny little beasts that intrude on your browser to report on what you are doing without you ever seeing them. One surprise was that I had downloaded the program yesterday, and thought it up to date. Then I was advised to install a beta on top because my version was already "very old". I'm not fond of betas, but the one I downloaded works fine on top of the rest and, really, my screen is still pristine. Great job, Ad Muncher. I can now view the news again in the morning without the stress of all those intrusive pop-ups.

Maggydoodle, United States

After trying other ad blockers, this one is 'the best' at eliminating flashing ads.


Ad Muncher does everything it says it will do.


I can now play the games without getting frustrated, and admuncher actually works. I tried it for a day, then bought it the next day. I am very happy with it.


Tried all of the others. This is the best. Very easy to configure.

Salvador Mayorga, United States

It's a great app!!!

Alistair Beaton, United Kingdom

I have a premium Yahoo! Mail account. One of the benefits of a paid-for premium account used to be 'no adverts'. This policy has now changed and I have to pay Ad Muncher to 'munch' the adverts on Yahoo! Mail Premium.

Iris Woodring, United States

I found this product from a friend and it is very helpful for blocking advertising which flashes and triggers seizures. I also recommend this product to anyone who enjoys online games with annoying repeating ads.

David Goodfellow, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher has sped up my computer by removing unwanted adverts. Easy to install with clear instructions and choice of service required.


People seem to want something for nothing these days, this product proves that for a small fee you help the development of a great product, that beats all the ad blocking free programs I have tried so far. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

Dan Rusak, United States

I think it is an absolutely brilliant product. I paricularly like the munching cow in the task bar.. Just knowing that little fellow is eating up all that crud for me does me some good everytime I see it munching away.