Vincent Wong, Singapore

Works unbelievably well and non-intrusively in the background. I can now finally print articles to PDF without the annoying ads cluttering the page. This solution is what I've wanted for years!

Babs, United States

I downloaded the 30 day free subscription to Ad Muncher. After only two days I was so extremely happy with it that I wanted to pay even before my free subscription was up. I wrote to your staff and told them what a great product they have... that Ad Muncher solved the problem my computer was having (sticking really bad in Yahoo game rooms) and I actually wanted them to have my money before it was due. You guys rock!

Rudi B, Belgium

Great product, easy install and config (works out of the box) and effective! Can be tuned if you want. Just a click away if you want to disable it for the rare occasions you want stuff to pass. No need for high IQ to understand the main part of how it works and how to do the setup.

Peter R, United Kingdom

I loaded Ad Muncher on trial, and found it blocked 99% of ads web sites displayed on IE8 with no complex adjustments to make. A good buy so far.

Robert Cox, United Kingdom

Best ad blocking program I have used, does a great job getting rid of pesky ads! If you hate ads you will love this program, well worth the money!!


Your program works so well that it makes me feel bad for the advertisers... until I try browsing with it turned off. I can watch Hulu, NBC, CBS, all in peace without even the video ads. Absolutely perfect. Using it on Windows 7 without a hitch. Please make a linux version :P

Brad Perrault, United States

Awesome product! Not intrusive, small footprint, customizable, outstanding ad blocking program, what's not to like.

Shai Lukov, Israel

I liked it very much that's why i finally registered.

Potenz Radu, Germany

The best ad block software.

Mark Slater, United States

Love it. it did exactly what it said.

CMAR, United States

I think Ad Muncher is one of the best possible programs to use in the Internet age. I'm really looking forward to what future versions will offer.

David Bauer, United States

I commend the quick, intelligent responses to my email questions.

Kani, United Kingdom

I think it is the best program to block pop ups and commercials on web sites.

Thomas R Treviranus Sr, United States

The best ad blocker on the internet. Nothing matches Ad Muncher in the USA.


It gets the job done that I bought it for!

Sharath Hn, India

This is the best ad blocking software. It doesn't need configuration like AdBlock Plus and others, and it's compatible with all browsers. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Victor K.V., Russian Federation

The best ad-blocker program.

Chris, United States

Works great for removing annoying pop up ads.

Kenneth Boho, United States

I love Ad Muncher!

Catalin Sandu, Canada

Ad Muncher is the only product so far that blocks ads efficiently for me. It's like closing the Pandora's box of ads forever.

Dorota Las, Ireland

I'm glad I can use Ad Muncher.

Igor Malin

The one and only ad munching solution!

Witold Dorycki, Poland

AdMuncher is the BEST.

San Diego Jane

I love it...it works great and completely unobtrusively.

Carsten Bjerring, Denmark

In short - great product - it's like getting a larger screen.

Rob T, Canada

Not only does Ad Muncher keep ads at bay and reduce my bandwidth usage, but I have found that it blocks certain companies who I have found to fishing for my visa information in the past. I also like the fact that the Ad Muncher is NOT bloated like other competing programs on the market. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Bar Holler, Canada

Ad Muncher is a nice aggressive ad blocker, therefore by default it is a useful tool for enhanced web browsing and messaging. Useful when it cownts... ;-) I was mooved to tears. OK, send me a hundred grand and I will cease the horrible cow puns. Keep up the great deeds. I am paying lots for my internet service, I should NOT be subjected to additional ads. Very sordid practice. Love the product, worth every bit of the 30 bucks.

DP, United States

What can I say that hasn't already been said... If you use the internet then Ad Muncher is a must have... Keeps me safe and warm :)

Scott Rowland, United States

Very good spyware blocker, epscially when it comes to file sharing webpages.

Dennis Money, United Kingdom

I have only used it for a couple of weeks and it has proved brilliant.

James Steffel, United States

Fantastic tool at a great price. Makes surfing the Web so much more enjoyable. Can't live without it.

James Lukasavage, United States

As a compulsive online chess player, one of the most in-your-face, and really I think moronic problems with playing chess on Yahoo, which is otherwise by far my favorite chess site, has been the banner ads. After having used Privoxy for years, those ads finally began to consistently filter through, so when I finally could take it no longer I tried Ad Muncher. Ad Muncher comes preconfigured, so everything is pretty much automatic, web pages do load much faster now, and most importantly there are definitely no more ads. With Ad Muncher web pages load up super-squeaky-clean. For this alone, Ad Muncher was definitely worth the thirty bucks! I will continue to support Ad Muncher! Ad Muncher!

Markus Baeumler, Germany

I'm a long time Ad Muncher user. Since I'm very unsatisfied with Opera's ad blocking capabilities I ordered this second licence for my wife's computer. Ad Muncher is simply the best.

Siggi, United States

Just what I wanted: smooth download, fast install - and no more ads, simply perfect!

Ian Perry

We use a game site and the adverts make the games freeze and run slowly, but admuncher cures the problem 100%. Great product many thanks.

Darcy Gagnon

Once you try the free-trial, you will miss it when it's gone. I tried to do without it for a while, but eventually I had to have it back. Great choice!


This program is just plain awesome. We love it. Have had no problems with it at all. I understand that advertising is very important BUT there are getting to be way to many and they just get in the way.

Dariuisz Kedziora, Poland

Awesome program for today's internet.

Igor Malakhov, Ukraine

Very necessary & useful program.


Program is fantastic & user friendly.

Alexey Zhiltsov, Russia

Great software, powerful and easy. Exactly what every user needs today.

Oleg Serdyukov

It is very difficult to use Internet without AdMuncher. Excellent software!


If you do not like ads, then the cost of admission is small. This program works with no drain on resources.

Robert Sinjakovic, United States

Yes It works great. I just love going online and having the page start without all the extra animated ads, delaying the page loading. It also stopped some error messages and browser crashes I was receiving.

Monica Derby

Ad Muncher is the best purchase I have made. No more annoying ads anywhere, emails included. No more ads to slow you down. Try it for 30 days free and you too will be convinced.

Charlotte Wood, United Kingdom

Fantastic and easy to use product, which does exactly what it says it does. No more unwanted ads, and has helped keep my computer virus free!

Alc, A

It works great with my browser, helping me get rid of most of those annoying ads.

Jack Baker

No need to search futher as Ad Muncher is truly "The Best Pop-Up-Ad Blocker for your Internet Browser!"

Oleg, Ukraine

In 2006 I used the connection to the Internet through a dial-up, your software saves you time and money. The last three years, I use a dedicated line, and the question of economy, traffic is no longer standing, but has become an important issue of getting rid of annoying advertisements on Web pages. Your program and this issue remained the best. All this time I used a cracked copy of one of the first versions of the program, but recently decided to update the outdated version, and downloaded a cracked version newer. It worked for a month and stopped. I'm sick to seek a satisfactory solution and I decided to pay for the work of your program so far for one year. Now I'm ashamed that I did not pay for the program before, it is really worth the money.

Robert Hitchcock, United Kingdom

I can't use the majority of websites without Ad Muncher, it simply cuts out all the annoying adverts, flashing images, and ridiculous adverts leaving just the content I want to read. If you only ever pay for 1 program, make it Ad Muncher!

Andreas Luemkemann, Germany

Ad Muncher is around for years now. This tiny peace of software is so powerful and fast you won't even bother with browser based ad removal again.

Donald V. Armitage, Canada

I had tried Ad Muncher earlier and was suprised that it worked exactly as advertised. This does not happen very often. I am a little concerned that the flash ad people will find a way to cercomvent these blockers. Until then I am a happy camper.

Tim Gaywood, United Kingdom

Easy to use, no slowdowns, frequent updates, does what it says on the tin: "munches ads"

Carly P

Powerful ad prevention with a lot of features that has a small footprint.

Andriy Vasylenko

This is the best advertisement blocker in the world! I love Ad Muncher!


After I switched from Firefox to Chrome I was annoyed by the ads. I found some ad blocker extensions, but they were just hiding the ads. After I found Ad Muncher and I thought to give it a try. Really liked the speed and easiness of the program. Also the possibility to filter ads from other programs like Yahoo Messenger. Later I found out, that ChromPlus has ad blocker integrated into it, and was working quite ok, but that solves the ad problem of a browser, not every program like yahoo messenger. What I still miss from this program is the integration into the popup menu of chromium, but who knows, maybe in future ... :) I highly recommend for everybody to give it a try, you wont regret it!

Inciter, United Kingdom

Finally I bought the license. Try it & buy it - it's awesome! The best investment for everyone.

Mosaic_tattoo, United States

On my Vista machine (DELL XPS M1530) it's flawless, seemless and fast. No hang-up on video feeds!! Moreover, because the ads are filtered, my DSL connection has the bandwith to present news reels without interuptions or stuttering.

Neil Knapp, United Kingdom

I use Ad Muncher because when loading multiple pages with flash adverts it strips them all out making the browsing experience vastly quicker and preventing Internet Explorer from running very slowly.

Bob G

Awesome software. Better than any ad stopping software out there. Easy to use and setup. A must for anyone on the web.

Steven Munn

Kills ads well without compromising speed.

Francisco Martinez, Mexico

The best adblocker ever!

Damian, Australia

Works well and doesn't slow web browsing down.


I tried a few other ad blocking programs and yours wins out hands down - ad muncher is so uncomplicated to the user, no apparent 'proxy' difficulties that I ran into with other software, and it does the one thing that I use it for - mainly eliminating people's 'online sig images' (as well as some ads) that I felt I didn't need to run out the 30 day trial. The convenience was instantly recognizable. Thanks for writing the program - and while I do support the sites I visit regularly, your program makes my surfing so much easier with less distractions.

Martin Dahl, Norway

I love Ad Muncher! It's the best ad blocker tool I have used, and I do not think I have to look any more. I will stick with this, it's great!

David Mart, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher is an excellent program for making my the internet a safe place to surf.

Dide, Germany

Best program I have used so far. A lot of features and easy to use. Just great!

Carrie, Paris

Great product. really works.

Bruce Allen, United States

I believe that Ad Muncher offers me more protection from Spyware and other virus's than Trend Micro which is supposed to do that. While using Ad Muncher, there's basically nothing for Trend to do. Prior to that, Trend was always finding spyware & other problems.

Allen - IT Consultant, United States

This is a superior product that gives you protection while using any of todays popular browsers! It's a welcome addition to any level of user.


Blocks more than the Firefox or Internet Explorer addons.

Walter Cheeseman, United States

Works great. Tried it for two weeks and like the results.

Michael O'Dell, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher has made a great difference to my wife and I. No more games that slow down or freeze our computer due to adverts. Money well spent, keep up the good work.

Vladimir Danilov, Russia

You may not believe me, but Ad Muncher is the first programme I've paid for! Just my little thank you to your little cow for a great job.

Roseanne Perry, United Kingdom

I found this a very good program and would recommend it to anyone who like me gets fed up with adverts which make your pc run slow.