Ad Muncher works great, especially on Opera, no annoying ads show up anywhere.


Ad Muncher really works, no more annoying ads or pop ups to distract. Well worth the registration. I will recommend it to all my friends.


Very useful for children and when you don't want them watching bad things... now i've got the choice with ad muncher. it's not imposed.

Rosanne, United States

It sure sped up the forum browsing! Much appreciated

William Oliver, United Kingdom

Works well.

John, United States

Am impressed with Ad Muncher. It works as described and is easy to setup and use. It reduces the load time of ad intensive URL's by 50%. This is absolutely great! Would recommend it to anyone wanting a clean looking page, without ad clutter and annoying flashing red and yellow banners. It does what it claims and without added bloatware.

Joseph Black, United States

For the last 5 years, I've used two different ad blocker programs. When I noticed that BOTH programs had not updated their software for some time... 5 years for one, I began the search for a new program. Ad Muncher works better than either of the other two and exceeds my expectations. Buy it; you'll like it!!

Raul Castillo, United States

This seems to be an excellent product for the banner-and-pop-up blocking tasks when one is surfing the web.


After the 30-day free trial, I felt I really needed this program and it really works well.

Oldkibs, Australia

Not only stems the ever increasing flood of useless ads, but saves a significant amount of time when loading important sites such as news.

Cheryl A., United States

Its an awesome program especially if you have AOL. Totally kills those in page ads & mail ads they bombard their customers with. Very easy to use & totally does what they say it does there & on the web.

Linda Hallett, Canada

It's the greatest thing to have especially on the game sites !! No more ads slowing down the game or freezing it !!

Rebecca McLaren, Australia

I've tried many, but this one is the BEST I have ever tried. Simple to use & does every bit of the job it says it will. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!! I tell everyone, Ad Muncher is the ONLY way to go!!!

Chrille Andersson

Great product. So easy to use and I can't understand how I've managed to live without it.

Khelifa Jaouad, France

It's a splendid piece of software which allows me to surf on the net more easily. Thanks.

Max Malugin, Russia

Ad Muncher saves me so much money because I'm not gonna buy all the rubbish in the adverts. It's very helpful app for all and is worth much more money than it costs.

Linda Preston, United States

Ad Muncher got rid of the 45 seconds of advertising delay when entering a game room. Absolutely love that aspect of the product. It is also so easy to quit or start the program for beginners like me. Thank you.


After using the trial for a week, I bought it! Why? It works. No more of those stupid dancing ads which used to appear along the top panel of Hotmail / Internet Explorer / Firefox. Truly a superb product, which does what it says on the can!

Tomislav, Croatia

Was looking for a good ad remover for ages, tried them all, and Ad Muncher simply beats the competition hands down. Fast, low RAM and CPU usage, completely transparent operation and get's rid of 99.99% of ads; everything one could want from an ad remover.

Patrick Kealy, Australia

It works great and I can see the benefits when compared to the computer I use at work. Downloads are reduced so the program will pay for itself over time, what more needs to be said.


It's wonderful to be able to browse through the internet and not have all those annoying ads popping up all over the place. Ad Muncher is so worth the purchase!

Gunther from Berlin, Germany

Ad Muncher works PERFECTLY with all browsers. It's a great tool.

Brother Randahl, United States

It worked as advertised, and stopped a great deal of computer trouble.


I wanted a program that could block advertisements in other programs than just my Internet browser - And I got exactly that.

Peter Thomas, Canada

I make a point of ensuring that any new system I setup has Ad Muncher in place. I find the product works very well, and that Murray is very responsive.

Unlike some tools, Ad Muncher is browser agnostic; it makes no difference if I'm using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or even RYOB [Roll-your-own-browser], ads just disappear ;)

Scott Raymond, United States

An excellent system-wide ad blocker. No more slow plugins.

Ian M

Does the job without fuss.

Patricia Rutter, United States

This is the best thing since apple pie. The ads that those sites run slow the games down and slow my computer down. I am so thankful for this.

Dirk Brousek-Fischer, Germany

Ad Muncher - simply the best solution... makes surfing the web a new experience!

D Dakin, United States

Ad Muncher is fabulous. No other program works as well as Ad Muncher to eliminate popups and ads, especially those constantly moving ads that are so distracting; even those 30-second commercials we're forced to watch in news videos. No more with Ad Muncher. Great work!


I have used a number of pop-up blockers & find Ad Muncher to be the best thus far.

David F

Ad Muncher worked great. It saves me a lot of time by not being distracted while on the web.

Tom, USA

I took the test ride and it worked without any issues. Never caused a problem and eventually you forget it's there cleaning up the web pages. Great product!

Francis Sheets, United States

Love it!

Marlene Betinis, United States

I just love it!!

Les Mawson

Get this! Works like a charm!!

Lyuba Palesado, United States

It's a pleasure to work with no ads, no hassle. Thank you.

Ben Ellicott, United States

Great customer support. I received answers back very quickly.

Barry Thomas

I have used ad mucher for a couple of years and it is well known in the tech field that ad mucher is well worth the small price. It's an important tool to keep your pc clean and healthly. With ad Muncher you can enjoy the internet without being bombarded with ads that might be from an unkown source and even harm your computer. Thanks for developing a great program. If you haven't tried Ad Mucher I highly recommend it to anyone, you will be hooked after you open your very first web page.

A Pleysier, Netherlands

After using Ad Muncher all the banners and ads and floating ads were blocked. Also I like the possibillity of blocking the referrer and to hide somewhat the type of browser you are using, and also that you can block an ad by yourself. I must say it's a powerful program which makes surfing more enjoyable.

Mohammed ElFarooqui, United States

I am happy that there is a product like Ad Muncher because if you have kids I think it is worth purchasing it. I am really happy because when I visit any sites I do not have to look at ugly ads.

Alice Van Sickle, United States

It is one of the best programs we have used in blocking unwanted ads and the price was very reasonable.

Kathy Sullivan, United States

Bottom line is it works without my having to work.

Fahad Almansour, Kuwait

Just I want say this programme is amazing.

Jakob Koeck, Austria

Ad Muncher is very good, thanks.

Barbara Hansen, United States

I love the application. A problem I had encountered awhile ago when I was using a trial edition has been fixed (I can right-click on a web page that doesn't work correctly and opt out of using Ad-Muncher for that page)! My problem was with Web MD, and the Slide Show they had wouldn't forward to the next picture! No problem with it now. I am very happy with the support at Ad Muncher.

Peter Dackers, Netherlands

Been using it for a day now and I love it. Even filters ads from Thunderbird, so I couldn't be happier. :)

Cris DeRaud, United States

Ad Muncher works as it says on the tin. Basically there is nothing to configure. Much of the time it removes the ads and you can't tell there were any to begin with because it doesn't leave blank spaces on many of the pages.

Facebook ads were particularly annoying until I got Ad Muncher.

With Ad Muncher you see only the content you were looking for and it doesn't omit articles that look similar to ads.

I am completely happy with Ad Muncher. I purchased it within the hour after I tried it.

Margaret Okulanis, United States


Mathias Pfeiffer, Germany

Great software, thanks for this fantastic tool.

Manish, UK

Great, and with daily updates!

Dmitry Akimov, Russia

This is the best ad-removing software I have managed to find. And the idea of a cow munching ads is funny.

Lon Axelrod, United States

It's absolutely the second greatest thing since sliced bread.

Joe Bradly, United States

The product is excellent and I have no problems with it.

Eugene Savitski, United States

It's a beautiful utility that does everything I need plus a number of things I didn't have time to find out what they are. It works so smoothly and transparently that the only way to know it really does something is to compare what you see with it working and without it. The pleasure of ad-less early Internet is back again. Thank you guys!

Erika B, Germany

I am pretty convinced that Ad Muncher is one of the best ad blockers or even the best blocker of the world, because it does a great job in blocking annoying ads while consuming just a very small amount of ram and CPU time. All this packed in a very small box of barely 500 kilobytes. I wish everything could be this handy and usefull.

Chris Gawley, United Kingdom

The most comprehensive and effective ad removal and blocking software I have come across. I love the way it can distinguish between adverts and actual useful content on heavily ad laden homepages such as virginmedia.com and orange.co.uk. Try it yourself and test it out on ad heavy sites, by temporarily disabling filtering (right click on Ad Muncher system tray icon - Disable filtering), refreshing the page and see just how many ads were removed. I was pleasantly surprised at how much quicker these sorts of pages load when filtered of adverts.

I love the way it doesn't stop there though. There are many configurable options within the program to remove so many of the Internet’s annoyances, such as removing music and sounds from playing in pages (a particular bugbear of mine!) to preventing sites from automatically bookmarking themselves to your "Favorites" folder.

The program not only removes adverts from Web pages but also blocks them from appearing in lots of different ad based software such as Windows Live Messenger for example. Another bonus!

Once you've trialled "Ad Muncher" and lived without ad annoyances for a month, I'd be very surprised if you don’t think it's worth the registration fee and prefer to go back to ad-laden browsing again.

If you live in the in the UK you can take advantage of the current great exchange rate against the Dollar as the program is priced in Australian Dollars, making it even more affordable. I was intending to just purchase one licence for my desktop PC, but decided to order a second licence for my laptop due to the multiple licence discount prices offered.

"Ad Muncher" - Try it today: You'll be glad you did!

It does exactly what it says on the tin... and more!!

Oliver Rosee, South Korea

I have only been using it for a day or two, but I really liked using the integrated IRC window to ask for some help.

Svitlana Malishevs'ka, Ukraine

A very good and stable product I have been searching for a long time. I am using mainly FireFox, and it really works much better than some native well-known FireFox add-ins which should munch the ads. I was ready to buy the product after 30 minutes of use!

Marc S. United States

An ad blocker that trully works! I have tried relying on plugins for some browsers, you can uninstall them once you install Ad Muncher.

Brian Eastwood, United Kingdom

I watch ITV in the UK and I was getting very frustrated at the number of adverts even before you could access one of the programs. It is a brilliant piece of software. Stops all adverts before and during any "catch up" programs.


You guys simply made the most vital and most essential antidote against those unbearable ads that keep spreading all over the net like a virus.

John Coleman, Canada

I'm very impressed, there are certain websites (for example, the Times of London) which I used to avoid because of their annoying ads. It's like night and day.

Thomas Lorberg, Germany

Easy to use ad-blocker. I can decide which pages show internet advertising and which not. This makes web surfing much quicker due to reduced download times and protects me from possible hidden dangers.

Robert Adkisson, United States

Seamless and transparent. The only time I think about it is when I realize that I'm not seeing a bunch of ads. Seems to work as promised.