StevieJD, Mississippi USA

Darn Fine Product. Better than Darn Fine Product. Ad Muncher cleans up soooo many problems and does so without destroying or reformating the desirable content of the web page being visited. I even told my mother about the product after she complained about the flashing ads on the local newspaper site.

Frank-Lutz, Germany

Ad Muncher is the best ad blocker I've ever used.

Pasquale Gallo, Italy

Ad Muncher is the best!!!!!

Rick, Canada

I can't surf the net without it.

Dale Gillespie, United States

Ad Muncher works as advertised - it keeps web pages clean and uncluttered and the pages load faster without all the ads. It's certainly worth the nickel a day - it's a bargain!

Clark Santa Maria, United States

I have tried several ad-blocker software programs, and Ad Muncher is by far and away the most elegant and effective product on the market today! Highly recommended!

Sindre Solheim, Norway

Easy to use for personal users. Gets rid of everything I don't want, but keeps what I need. Perfect!

Rene, Germany

Use Ad Muncher and see the web as it was intended to be.

Richard Menoche, United States

Works great - it keeps my pages uncluttered by ads for things I don't need.

Frans, The Netherlands

Tested several, had Norton for a year, but Ad Muncher is by far the best choice.

Matt Skiles, United States

Great software! This beats the Adblock Plus and NoScript plug-ins for Firefox by a landslide. Very simplistic, non-intrusive, and powerful!

Aidan, London

Without a doubt the best program on the internet, everyone should be using this

Lee Gosset, Oklahoma City, United States

I tried many, many of the programs I found online that claimed to be "ad blocking", and they either didn't work as promised, or were as annoying as the ads I was trying to block. Then I happened across a website which discussed your program. I tried it and I can truthfully say that I would recommend it to everyone!!!

Leah Bozhilova

Not sure how many years I have been using Ad Muncher, but I would never go online again without it. It is THE most effective "everything" blocker I have ever used, and as the front page states, it can be used "straight out of the box" with little to no adjustment.

The developer responds rapidly to any question, problem, suggestion or complaint and a fix is supplied (if needed), in many cases, the same day. This is first rate service from a developer who cares about his client as much as he does his application.

I am anal retentive when it comes to security and with Ad Muncher, there is no reason to disable scripts or jump through other hoops caused by malicious adverts, banners and pop-ups.

As I stated this morning on BroadbandReports.com, "Using Ad Muncher is having the barn door closed to prevent the horse from escaping in the first place."

Michelle Clemons, United States

After using the 30 day free trial, I knew I wouldn't want to live without Ad Muncher. It blocked ads that other programs couldn't, specifically the ads associated with Weatherbug. Well worth the price.

Aaron Harward, United States

You guys are amazing, keep it up!

Lopaka Y.E.

Everyone should use your product.

Tonya Allen, United States

Simply the best.


I am a forum scene writer and test a lot of shareware on extended trial basis. I know I made a good buy on Ad Muncher.


Wish I'd heard of it sooner!!! Very pleased, thank you very much. Great product!

Ronny Hagstrom, Turkey

Surprised I havent heard of this totally excellent application before, it really does exactly what it promises and the ongoing development will assure future additions to the already rich flora of very useful features. Good work!

IM.Springer, Canada

I have been online for better than 20-years, and I have tried or used a number of ad blocking techniques and utilities over those years. Without a doubt, Ad Muncher works the best and the fastest of any program I've ever tried - that is why I registered a copy for both my desktop and my laptop!

Anton Shevchenko, Russia

Unlike other ad blockers, Ad Muncher blocks almost all Russian ads.

Joshua Woolcock, Australia

Works great and is cheap, saves me $30 on bandwidth alone :)


It does everything that is claimed, and it is surely the best value product in the market. It is software I would not like to be without, and has become just as indispensable as a word processing program or even email client. Brilliant.

Nancy A Wood, United States

Tried the free demo and discovered, after a week or so without AdMuncher, that I had to have it back. No ads for 20 USD a year? It's worth every penny.

Hobert Hurley, United States

I thought that I had a high speed connection, but with this program, I am blazing!

Teresa Hellstrom, United States

It does what I had hoped it would do. It gets rid of annoying ads. Well worth the money!

Contijn Buijs

I have been using Firefox and AdBlock plus with NoScript for as long as I can remember. It was also the reason I never changed to another browser because the other browsers dont have such a good Ad Blocker and if there is one thing I hate, then it is ads.

A few weeks ago I was looking for something else besides AdBlock for Firefox. The first result I got from google was Ad Muncher. After reading what Ad Muncher was I was convinced to try it out.

And boy, was it good! It blocks ads in all pages, it protects my privacy and a whole lot more. The best thing is, it works great out of the box, and is easily able to be customized if one desires such a thing.

Thanks to this program I can use the fast google chrome browser without ads and without any nasty "stuff" coming into my pc, because Ad Muncher eats it all :)

This program is worth every single penny!

Svart Testare, Ukraine

Very effective and affordable ad blocking software, a must-have for every PC user! Many thanks to the author!

Teddy Duncan, United States

This is truly a fine program, it "munches" all unwanted material on websites, thus speeding up the entire internet browsing process. I would personally give Ad Muncher 6 stars and recommend it to anyone that likes to visit lots of different websites, yet gets annoyed by all the bells and whistles at those sites. Thank you Ad Muncher!


After performing maintenance on my sister's computer (used by my five year old niece) I was impressed with the lack of spyware and malware I found on it. It's a very impressive tool!

Nikolay Kozlitin, Canada

It's fantastic! I just love this program.

David Green, United States

Best one I have ever used!! Love it!

Peggy Cannon, United States

Try it! You won't be disappointed!

Kristian Wynn, Australia

It's great, the best ad blocking program I have ever used!!

Helge Nordmann - Denmark

It is a damned good program! I have never seen better! Try it - buy it!

Andrew (a regular forum reader at dpreview.com)

I'd just like to agree with the other testimonials I've had a chance to read - this is a great product and so far I can say that I'm very pleased I found you !

Matthijs van Kampen, Netherlands

Ad Muncher is the easiest and by far the best way to protect your computer from any unwanted ads.

Tim Rose, United States

I think Ad Muncher is just what the doctor ordered. Works very well and I'm very pleased. Thank you for such a high quality product. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

William Ouimette, United States

It's excellent so far. I like using the Google browser and I was becoming overloaded with NetFlix popups. I think Google was allowing them. 2,3 at a time so I decided to get rid of them. This program is terrific.


I came down with a really bad case of ad rage, and Ad Muncher has completely cured me! I wouldn't trade this gem of a program for anything.

Sally Lindsey

Just a great product, well worth installing on your computer.

Raymond, United States

I am so pleased with the operation of Ad Muncher, I can't thank you enough.

Khoh, Singapore

Great value for money!

It is simple & effective.

Radek Hulan

Fully automatic setup, no broken pages (so far), all ads filtered, easy to implement custom rules and exceptions, plus works in all browsers - we have a winner :)

John B., United States

I won't use a browser without this program. If you have used it, you know how good it is. If you haven't, use it for a month to get used to it -- then see how many minutes you can go without it filtering for you. The team is great and I've never seen any immediate product support that is anywhere close to what shannow and the crew on EFNet's #admuncher channel do.

Thomas Meehan, United States

Ad Muncher works better than that terrible ad subtract that I deleted.

Sergey Loboda

I can't imagine web browsing without having it installed. Great product!


After trying several popup and ad blockers, I discovered Ad Muncher was the best by far. Registering Ad Muncher was a no-brainer for me. I haven't had a single popup or ad since installing Ad Muncher ... great program. A must have!

Umar Ali

Ad Muncher puts all other ad blocking software to shame, Ad Muncher blocks adverts which other blockers struggle with. It also blocks spyware pop ups has built in IP scramble which allows you to surf the net anonymously. Well worth the small fee.

Maurice Marks, United States

Ad Muncher is much more efficient and effective than browser specific tools that I've used such as AdBlock Plus. It works in all browsers, and blocks more junk with less effort. I've tried everything to block "electronic pollution" on the internet and this is the best tool I've found.

Gillian Golding, United Kingdom

So far I love it. It just works and does what it says on the tin!

G. Townsend, United States

One of the best adblockers I have come across in years.

Andrew Domaracki, Australia

Ad Muncher makes browsing The Internet a pleasure; without the distraction of annoying advertising.

Rick Kelvington, United States

Ad Muncher, it's so easy and simple to setup, even your grandmother could do it.

Martin Pilny

I tried lot of add-removal tools lately, but Ad Muncher simply stands above them all. I can't imagine myself surfing the web without it anymore. Thank you.

Barry, United States

I have Super Ad Blocker but it does nothing for Safari/Chrome. On a hunch I checked FeedDemon and it works for that too (something you should include in your marketing)! When it blocked a commercial shown just prior to viewing a news video I was SOLD! It is the BEST program I use. It is a blessing not be bombarded with advertising!

Srikanth Madduri, United States

This tool is awesome. Amazing product. Absolutely no annoying ads.

Leonid Lipovetsky, Israel

If you want to get rid of ads, Ad Muncher is a must.

Peter, Melbourne, Australia

I mostly use freeware on my computers apart from the odd game that I enjoy enough to pay for the full version. Ad Muncher is the only paid for piece of software I have installed on both my PC and notebook computer. I've tried the alternatives and some of them aren't too bad but they all seem to encounter problems with one thing or another, messing up something else on a page other than an advertisment.

Ad Muncher is the only one that works seamlessly across IE, Opera and Firefox with very little effort required from the user. People are really surprised when you show them a site like Yahoo and how it looks without all the ads as well as how much quicker it is to load.

There are any number of internet forums where posters complain about how slow a site is yet with Ad Muncher I rarely suffer the same problems. One well known site I use switched to being ad supported and the difference in loading between using AM and not using AM was big, 5 seconds with, up to 25 seconds without. Eventually they killed some of the ads causing problems but it is still noticably faster using AM. Ad Muncher is an excellent piece of software where when using it the improvement to browsing the internet is immediately obvious. Worth the price and that's coming from someone who hates having to pay for any software.

Larry Chant, United Kingdom

I had tried the Ad Muncher free trail and found it by far the best I had tried. I have now downloaded the full program and am delighted with its performance.

Ruth from Grand Rapids, MI

Ad-Muncher is a must if all the flickering banners, distracting moving advertisements and just plain annoying ads drive you up a wall. Just try it free for the 30 days and you won't think twice about buying it. Easy to download and very easy to configure.

Adrian V - Poland

This product is literally a breakthrough in advertisement removal and pop-up prevention. It saves me tons of bandwidth and makes websites load much faster. I support it completely and recommend it to everybody.

Michael Mouse

Brilliant application, does exactly what I need it to do.

Oleg Agafonov, Moldova

The best and most effective ads shrinker I ever used!

Mark Engelhaupt, United States

Ad Muncher keeps me focused on the important parts of the webpage - and not the constant blinking advertisements that are very distracting. I was almost ready to give up using the internet as a search tool until I used Ad Muncher. Thank you so much!!


This has to be one of the most crucial pieces of software I'd ever use. Honestly, after a fresh installation of Windows, I install this and browse the web with a whole new sense of freedom and safety. Truly great software and well-worth the money.