Keith Hardy, United States

Why would anyone pay good money for internet, only to have it taken up and slowed down by adverts?. Adverts that just cause annoyance and confusion most times. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase Ad Muncher. It's so much better viewing sites without the flashy, get-in-the-way popups. To think it cost less that $20 USD. Believe me when I say that's a steal for what you get.

Steven Schmidt, United States

One of the best programs on the internet! does the job when so many other ad programs do not! I love my Ad Muncher!

Gary W, Canada

Great software, from a great software company. I would endorse any product these folks choose to make.

Robert Hurley, United States

It is absolutely fantastic. Eliminates all those annoying ads, and presents you with the pure web pages.

Gregory Coyne, United States

Effective and convenient. One installation is currently working seamlessly on IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Peter Meszaros Szabo, Hungary

I've tried many filtering methods, but the Ad Muncher was the most flexible, and universal tool. I'm very satisfied with it.

T. Allen, United States

This product is absolutely excellent!

Martin Herbert, Netherlands

Keep up the good work!


It's the first program I've bought :)

Kay Barrett, United States

I would hate to be without it now, it keeps all the ads away.

Robert L Tyson MD

Smooth and effective.

Bob Torres

Without a doubt, the best ad-blocking software available today. The price is incredibly reasonable, tech support are helpful, and it works in every browser I use without any extra configuration. Simple to set up, you can also dig into the many features if you're a power user and wish to customize further. Fantastic bang for the buck! Highly recommended.

K. Schings, Germany

I recently switched from Firefox to Google Chrome (ChromePlus). Ad Muncher is faster, offers better filtering and flexibility as well as an easier interface than other commercial ad blockers I've tested. This is also true for free alternatives like Privoxy, BFilter and all the slow extensions for Chrome like AdBlock, AdSweep, AdThwart and the ChromePlus internal AdBlocker!

Kevan Sims

Having directly compared Ad Muncher with several other ad blockers, it was immediately obvious that it was far superior to any of the others.

In terms of ease of use, configuration, and most importantly, effectiveness, it is an excellent product.

N. Shelley, United Kingdom

As far as my experience goes it seems to be highly effective; I am pleased with the results

Bruce Levy

I've been a sports agent for almost 30 years. We are by nature somewhat cynical people, and I must admit that I was quite skeptical about the enthusiastic endorsement of Ad Muncher which I received from a client. Needless to say, I found your service to be every bit as useful as I'd been told! I hestitate to say this, since I'm sure it violates an unwritten rule among those in my profession, but the truth is -- the fee you charge is SUCH A BARGAIN.

Rob Walsh, New Zealand

Ad Muncher keeps you sane in this world of incessant flashing ads. A must have for me.

John Farris

Ironically I offered ebay money to stop their banner ads.
Thay laughed.
Now I laugh.
Occasionally I disable it just to remind myself how wonderful it is.

Matt Moses, United States

Best and most effective ad blocking program out today. I have been using Ad Muncher for 8 years and don't know what I would do without it.

Anthony Vangel, United States

What a find! Most other popup blockers can be as intrusive as the popups themselves. User-friendly interface, as simple or as detailed as you would like. As important as an Antivirus. Definitely worth the money.

Ian C, United Kingdom

This is one of those pieces of sotware that once you have used you don't know how you did without it. The pleasure (and speed) of surfing without incessant rubbish filling the screen cannot be overstated.

David L. Reese

Works like a charm. It is the ONLY program or method which got rid of the irritating double underlined words in Internet Explorer. That is how I found it; I was greatly frustrated by those lines and went Googling for a fix and found the "cow".

Marilyn Jackson, United Kingdom

Zaps the flashing ads, before they get on the page!

Bhanche Prasad

Works flawlessly!

James Burnett, United States

The Ad Muncher forum is really great to learn about Ad Muncher. You guys are really fast in responding to customer comments etc.

Alfred Mansour, Australia

Ad Muncher is a great program that is very handy when using the Internet, that is why I bought 2 licenses for my wife and I. Money well spent to avoid these nuisance ads.

Donald Vally, United States

This is my 5th product registration, Since I have started using Ad Muncher I would not use the internet without it. I find the OVER abundance of advertisements on almost every webpage very annoying. They seem to interrupt and try to draw my attention away from the reason I visited the page. I really appreciate the attention to detail that went into programming Ad Muncher. Thanks!

Roman Khramov

An invaluable tool for everyone surfing the web nowadays

Alan Hartley, United Kingdom

Very simple to use, no problems at all, worth every penny!

Deborah, USA

The ads on many game sites are so very animated these days that it interferes with the games so Ad Muncher really helps to speed up play and lessen jerkiness in playing, much smoother. Plus you don't have to watch those crazy ads, lol.

Bill, Canada

In addition to the effectiveness of the software in achieving its purpose, I was most impressed by the personalized follow up. There is an actual person who signs their name at the bottom of the communication...as opposed to something impersonal such as "The Ad Muncher Team"!!!

Thank you Murray.

Carl Vandever, United States

Best thing I've ever ordered online.

Ching Wei Yang, United States

Excellent product! Definitely worth the money!

Steve W., United States

Fantastic software, great support.

Maurizio Panzica, Italy

One of the best utilities I have ever used! It integrated with my system flawlessly and started to block those annoying ads and pop-ups immediately. No need to setup anything. Absolutely brilliant.

Robert Bartram, United Kingdom

Without any shadow of a doubt I believe Ad Muncher to be the finest blocker of its kind giving the user total peace of mind.

Bruce McLellan, United States

Ad Muncher is the best. Works perfectly.


Best program of its type I have found so far.

Anael Roland, France

Great ad blocker

Christian M. Schneider, Germany

Runs smoothly in the background and keeps all ads away - very strongly recommended!

And the kids like the cow, too!

Orkey41, United States

Ad Muncher is a great program and makes the internet run a whole lot smoother. I don't have to look at ads for pointless things anymore! Plus, I get a little pet cow that I can watch "munch" needless things away!!

Louise van Bosch, South Africa

Ad Muncher work very well on the Big Fish Games site, taking all the irritating ads away. I first used the free one month version and was very satisfied with it, can recommend it to anybody.

T and L Bell, United States

This is the BEST blocker I've ever used. It doesn't use a bunch of resources, it runs silently in the background and it's fast to respond to ads ... I love it and will never be without it again.

Rudy Berg, United States

I've used Ad Muncher for several years. Now it feels like basic computer housekeeping -- I wouldn't think of using the internet without it.

Jacques G, France

Its the only software I've bought in a very long time. I've choosen the unlimited version and I know I won't regret it for it's just... essential!

Maureen, United States

I am quite pleased with Ad Muncher and have already recommended it to people. It does exactly what it is advertised to do. It is easy to use and configure. I love it!!

Scott P, United States

Works great with XP2 IE6, highly recommended! Didn't even have to set anything up, it worked as soon as downloaded. Goodbye ads!

Phil Wilbanks

Ad Muncher is such a good program. The company is very prompt and helpful regarding any help you might need. I am thankful that a friend recommended Ad Muncher to me. A very happy user.

Jeanine V Albert, Australia

Ad Muncher is a brilliant tool that I would recommend to anyone.

David Cliff, New Zealand

We did the trial, and found it so good, we just had to sign up.

Edward Webber

Have been using Ad Muncher since 2001. People think I'm obsessed because of how much I rave about this program.

John Ambrose

It works great! Simple to turn on, simple to turn off for bypass. I will recommend it to others.

Charles Ferland, Canada

I've tried many addons for Firefox and Opera.. and if I want one solution for any Web browser, Ad Muncher is the solution with a good price.

Mark, Edmonton, Canada

You don't need to have a variety of plugins for each web browser because it works with all of them. From Firefox to Google Chrome, it works like a charm.

L. Amish, United States

Ad Muncher does an excellent job of eliminating those frustrating ads that you must "click off" before you can navigate to your desired info, websites, etc.

Peter Filipek, Slovakia

In my opinion Ad Muncher is more effective than Adblock, Privoxy or similar programs.

Dmitry Mikhailov, Russia

Excellent product: small, stable, easily configurable and highly efficient. It's worth its money. My thanks to authors.

Luis Noriega, Mexico

Ad Muncher is an amazing piece of software, top notch ad blocking in any browser or program out of the box, friendly support, very little resource usage. I am really happy with my purchase.

Nahuel Carballo

Best. Ad blocker. Ever.

Edna Moir, United Kingdom

Easy to use, very effective piece of software

Voytek Goldanowski, Poland

Superior software. Thank you.

Joshua Adamski, Israel

Appreciate the program, excellent piece of software. Thank you.

Eileen Schaefer, United States

I love how fast the games go now with Ad Muncher.

Linda, NH.

Ad Muncher is well worth the purchase. I find it to be one of the best products out there for stopping ads and pop ups. An absolute must have.

Wendy Lenden, United Kingdom

I am so pleased with it, that after the trial 30 days, I subscribed so I could keep it. Top marks.


This is one of the very few programs that I'm really LOVING!

Gary Altenburger, Thailand

It's a great product and works with every browser I use.

Bison Wang

Very helpful for blocking ads while browsing the Internet. This software is too good for words.

Margerate, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher is an excellent programme which does exactly what it says on the tin! I would recommend it to everyone.

Tim, United Kingdom

Its a great product that really speeds up internet use and cuts down the annoyance with browsing the web.

Tommy, Norway

Ad Muncher works great!! This is truely one of the greatest programs created! :)


This program is the greatest for getting rid of annoying ads. I wouldn't be without it on any computer. It is a small price to pay compared to the ease of no commercials or ads.