J Perry Hartley, United States

It has helped me so much. I have Parkinsons and I really get upset with all the popup ads. Now I can use my computer without having to stop and close those ads.

Rosemarie Anderton

I shred all flyers that appear on the mat. I've barred all tele-sales calls on the phone. Why should I tolerate advertisements trespassing on my internet connection. Thank you Ad Muncher - hopefully I'm fireproof now.

Lance May, United States

I have tried almost every free trial of advertisement blocking software available online (bought several after trying) and Ad Muncher is at the very top. There are simply none better, and it is so easy to use. You can try it free to see for yourself.

Steve, UK

We all have must-install programs in our computer armoury. I now have one more. It's simply the best at what it does.

Download.com Editor

Ad Muncher successfully "munched" every ad and pop-up we encountered.

Morgan Sderqvist, Sweden

Your product is absolutely the best I've found on the market!

Computer Power User

A lot of programs take care of such Web annoyances as banner ads, pop-up windows, background music, and more. The most comprehensive app for these things, however, just may be Ad Muncher, which takes care of these annoyances and a whole lot more.

First and foremost, Ad Muncher removes banner ads from most Web pages and optionally replaces the banner ad with a little text snippet, such as "Ad Munched." The app also removes pop-up ads generated via several methods, some of which other pop-up stoppers may ignore.

With either banner or pop-up ads, you can configure how Ad Muncher deciphers just what you consider an ad is, be the ad a standard banner size graphic, a keyword (you can edit the program's keyword list), or a specific JavaScript call.

Ad Muncher installs what amounts to a miniproxy server on your computer, which monitors the information flow before your browser even gets the information to render and alters a site's HTML code on the fly. This kills pop-ups before they appear for even a split second. This method can offer quite a few tricks. For example, it can alter your IP information if desired so Web servers can't identify from where you're surfing. It does this by bouncing your packets off of other proxy servers randomly. This can slow down your connection, but it definitely works.

Ad Muncher can also filter text, changing any text that matches what you have specified with other text. The program can also prevent auto-refreshes and remove background images and sounds from Web pages, self-focus commands, tiny "bug" graphics, and much more.

A great way to kill pop-ups and other Web annoyances.

PC World

Ads? Where? I don't see any, not even on PC World's site. My secret weapon is Ad Muncher, the most effective (and simple-to-use) ad and pop-up blocking utility I've seen. Granted, the tool is $25 (with a 30-day trial), but it works great and blocks almost all banner, Flash, floating, and text ads I've encountered. When you try it, be sure to uninstall or disable your existing ad and pop-up blocker. If a Web site doesn't work correctly, or if you want a site's pop-up to pop up, the fix is easy. Click Ad Muncher in the system tray, choose the My Filters tab, click New, cut and paste the address into the Keyword field, choose No Filtering in the Filter Category, click Apply and click Close.

Vadim Gridin, Russia

Ad Muncher was the first application I've ever bought for money. This says enough. Thanks guys!

D. Staples

This is absolutely the most effective ad-blocker available. It goes far beyond the so-called blocking built into modern browsers.

Daniel Kapanadze, United States

Works as advertised (no pun intended). Thanks for a good product!

Redaelli Paolo, Italy

Excellent product.

Allen Beasley, United States

Works as advertised! I switched from Super Ad Blocker because it was not compatible with IE 6. Glad I did because Ad Muncher is a far superior product.

Name Withheld, United States

This is a great product. My wife and I bought our first license approximately 2 years ago. We were tired of viewing websites with ads featuring images that I do not approve of for my family. After downloading the software, we are 100% satisfied. When I purchased my laptop the other day, one of my first tasks was to download Ad Muncher. Yes, it is worth it!! If you care what your children see on the web, you should definitely download this product. Thanks again.

Kim Davies

I've used ad muncher for a number of years now. It has always performed well with all the major browsers. It doesn't leave any traces on the web pages and it's as if there were no such thing as web advertising. I've loved it!

Frank Gennaro, United States

As a software developer, I know how difficult it is to create an application like Ad Muncher. For that reason alone, when I say Ad Muncher is a great product, I know that what I'm saying is true. There is no other product that compares to Ad Muncher.

Stuart H, Australia

You won't realise how much you need Ad Muncher until you try it. I've been using Ad Muncher for years, and never notice how ad infected the net had become until I had to use a PC without it.


A brilliant program worth every penny and I wouldn't be without it. No more ads or pop ups, absolutely wonderful.

Miguel Francais

I must have lucked out! This is the second ad blocker I've tried, and it has worked so well, I've never had to try anything else. When my trial ended, I forgot to register, so it stopped. I knew immediately what had happened! Ads everywhere. I registered, and never looked back. I am telling everyone I know, and even a few groups I'm in, all about this product. Absolutely amazing.

Peter Anderton

Thank heavens I found you - Love at first sight

Philip G.

Works as advertised.


Excellent product and worth every penny!


Ad Muncher is great and do wish I hadn't waited so long to install it. This comes with a strong recommendation for everyone!!

Brian B

Excellent product, stops unwanted ads every time.

Anja Lepach, Germany

Easy and effective, fair price, AND - what a likeable icon!

Thomas Duncan

Ad Muncher is superb. It's a steal at twice the price. I have it on my home computer, and I am always shocked at the the cluttered, obnoxious web experience when I use other computers. It is so seamless that I don't even think about it. How many programs run that well?

Thank you for your dedication and for keeping up with updates. You've got a very satisfied cutomer here, and I am spreading the word as fast as I can!

Stephan Kreppert, Germany

The most powerful ad filter you can get. A "must have" for all people who want to save time and nerves on the web.

Scott K, United States

Not only does Ad Muncher stop ads, but it also works much more quickly than any browser-based blocker I have ever used!

T.W., United Kingdom

This is absolutely the most effective ad-blocker available. It goes far beyond the so-called blocking built into modern browsers.

Jesus Reyes

I just want to take a minute out of my busy life to tell your group, THANK YOU. This is the greatest software I've ever seen; and I say 'seen' because I never actually 'use' it, it just works!

I rarely find any bugs or problems, the program just functions as it should. And you not only protect my browser, you cover my entire computer.

This was the program I've been waiting for, all the other pop up blockers are just hype. Thank you again.

Edward Gibson, United States

Your service saves me a great deal of time and frustration by allowing me to focus on the real messages without the distraction of unwanted ads.


Imagine; a world without ads! no popups, no banner ads, nothing flashes at you, nothing plasters itself over that article you're reading; Aaah, freedom. The best $25 you'll ever spend.

V. A. - Norway

Great product. Best of all ad-blockers I've tested. It just works!


I have tried many and this is the best!


This is not the same as adblocker or no script. This actually keeps ads from appearing, period. The only thing I ever see that indicated as ad would have appeared is [munched]. I will never be able to be with out this program.

William Ely, United States

Great program, blocks the adverts without interrupting my browsing or conflicting with my gaming. It is the third program I have used and the only one I've tried that is worth paying for.

Douglas Cain, United States

Some of the web sites that I frequent started using pop-up advertisements or roll-over, expanding type advertisements. I was so aggravated at the slower page-loading times (and the general annoyance associated with this type of advertising) that I started searching the web for a solution. I'm so glad that I found Ad Muncher - it has to be the best investment that I've made in awhile. Thanks!

Pat Gilbert, United Kingdom

Wouldn't be without it!!

The English Passenger

It's the best!

Hanne Maria, Denmark

It really DOES munch all ads!!!

Philip Campbell, United States

I have found both your product and your registration process to be models of simplicity and efficiency! I don't know how you Aussies do it, but you have a straight-forward approach to life and problems that I have admired for years! Thank you for a great product.

Romeo S Villafania, United States

Have tried Firefox AdBlock before but Ad Muncher did a lot better and made me happy not being annoyed with all those ads appearing everywhere in my computers.

Matar Altunaiji, United Arab Emirates

Simply the best of its kind compared to other ad blockers


Very helpful software.

Daniel Enrico Rasmussen, Norway

I has alwas been sceptical to programs promising me a new and better surf experience. But after installing Ad Muncher I was speechless!

Ad Muncher, for me, has taken my internet experience to a new level. Where I previously was bothered with commerical and anoying flash animations, now I can read what I want and do what I need with super speed!

Christian Boel, Denmark

I have only used the beta version (for Windows 7), but one thing I really like about this program is that it is non-intrusive. It is literally "fire and forget" as all utilities of this kind should be (in my opinion at least).

C. Porter

This is the BEST ad blocker on the market today! Works with all browsers and instant messengers.

Anne W. Canada

Ad Muncher is marvelous. Games with ads used to freeze up until I added this program. Now I don't have any problems and can play without interruption. A great program.

Ira Leinwand

Ad Muncher was my first software purchase many years ago and it is still the best (perfectdisk is 2nd). Curiosity has led me to try everything else on the market over the years but nothing else is up to the challenge.

I just wanted to congratulate you for your skill and dedication in creating and constantly maintaining this valuable product. It dramatically improves my always increasing life online. Your work is inspiring.

Duncan Andrews, France

Works very well in the background and seems to catch everything that I hate about ads. It is certainly worth paying for!

Alan Quigley, Malta

You have delivered everything that you promised, and I am delighted. Thank you.

James Haste, United Kingdom

Just very satisfied with this service, a vast improvement to my computer speed & no more frustrating popups, recommended to me by my son, no hesitation in recomending to everyone, thank you.

Karl Voskuhl, United States

This program does what it says. It simply works! Highly recommended.

Fred Noakes of Ontario, Canada

I have tried many, but Ad-Muncher is king of them all. A really great program.



The internet has become for webmasters and companies a way of running/improving their company with the possibility of millions viewing their site on a regular basis. But since it costs money to run these sites, and trying to breakeven with expenses, banner ads and popups are sources of income they need to pay off their expenses.

But what about those people who go on companies' websites to try to find information about a product or read up reviews on certain items? Chances are that these sites have quite a few ads thus increasing the amount of time it would take to load a particular site.

People are fed up with advertising because they hear it whether they watch TV, listen to the radio or even surf the web. But it's a fact of life we as people have to deal with and it helps companies to pay off their own expenses at the same time.

But what if there was a way to stop these annoying popups and remove the unwanted ads to make sites load faster? It is music to people's ears; although I. myself don't find banner ads so annoying as long as they aren't those flashing ones but popups are a different story. There are plenty of programs out there claiming to remove ads from websites and try to stop all popups to the best of the program's capability but this review is going to cover a program called Ad Muncher.


Ad Muncher is an ad-removing and popup blocking program that will eliminate all sources of advertising whether it'll be on websites or better yet IM tools! Today all instant messaging programs come with advertising whether it is AIM, MSN, ICQ or Yahoo! because the possibility of a great income stream from ads is likely and also it helps cover the cost of bandwidth when chatting to people.

Ad Muncher has lots of options to choose from to help keep your netviewing more secure, and less tedious. Ad Muncher comes with a set of pre-defined sites that are 'offenders' by using popups, annoying ads and what not to create the best viewing experience for the user. People can also send in their lists of 'offending' websites to help contribute to the cause of fighting annoying websites.

There are some neat tools that are provided like IP scramble where when in use with a proxy server, your real IP address isn't logged so they won't know if you went to the site or not. Some other great features include: disabling of colored scrollbars, remove background music and much more so you can control what you want to see and not let the designer themselves control what you want.

You have the ability to create filters to also block stuff that you yourself might find annoying on websites and creates the best viewing experience for yourself. There is also and update feature to help keep your program up to date and also its filtering options.


Ad Muncher is a program that has many options to choose from and makes sure the user wants to view sites the way the person wants and not the designer themselves. Not only does this program block popups, it also removes ads which many people find annoying along with popups.

I feel that many people will enjoy the benefits of using this program; especially those who use Internet Explorer as their main browser since it doesn't have popup blocking capabilities like Opera or Mozilla does.

Help Files: 9 / 10
Features: 9.5 / 10
User Friendly: 9 / 10
Product Support: 9 / 10
Final score: 9.1 / 10.0

Raymond H. Linder

Can't believe how much better it has made my computer use.

Elliot Burchmore, Denmark

An excellent solution to an agrivating problem.