John Ayton, Australia

I got tired of all these ads popping up on sites, so I Googled to see what was available to stop this. Ad Muncher looked like the best option, so I gave it the 30 day trial. I was impressed, so when trial was over I bought it. It really works well, thank you!

Doraemon Gat, Catalunya

I find Ad Muncher a very polyvalent utility. Very useful if you use more than one browser and don't want to waste your time configuring difficult ad blockers. Worth every penny!

Ed Mandler, United States

It really is awesome at eliminating ads. Thank you

Captain DesulTory, United States

Works great, and is easy to turn on/off

Benjamin Ells, United States

It works great, especially on Yahoo.


Can even block that pesky overlay table Adblock plus missed!


Ad Muncher is the best Ad- and Script-Blocker in the world.

Heather S., Canada

This is the first time that I've purchased a program where there are free alternatives, but because it was so easy to use, and didn't interfere with ads and sites that I DID want to view in full, it was well worth the money.

Rick M.

It make searching the internet safer without all the trashy advertisements.

Noam Peleg, Israel

Ad Muncher is great!! You're doing a great job guys!!!

Stuart Edwardson, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher makes surfing a much more pleasant experience, as there are no anoying adverts to slow the loading of any page.

Ruth Sneddon

I'd recommend anyone to register - no annoying flashing ads around the screen - what a difference.

Raul Castillo, United States

Ad Muncher does a really good job when it comes to blocking annoying ads and pop-ups swarming on webpages every time I surf the web.

Harold Alm, United States

Out of the box, into the fire (so to speak), voila, job done!!!

N.N. Munich, Germany

Very good tool.

Jsohio, United States

Exceptional product that eliminates the annoying trash that so often accompanies accessing sites one is interested in, while making web access quicker.

Ron R, Netherlands

At first I tried Ad Muncher as a trial version. It installed and worked like a charm. Soon I got accustomed to the clutter-free web pages so I had to buy the full version as I was not going to revert to that visual hurly-burly.

Gary Purnomosidi, Indonesia

I really like the way Ad Muncher stop annoying pop ups and ads when I visit some websites. Before, I must configure Opera manually because "Block all unwanted Pop-Ups" in Opera sometimes doesn't work. Then I tried Ad Muncher. Wow, ads and annoying pop ups disappear. Just the way I wanted. Furthermore, it works with many browsers (IE, Opera, etc). Ad Muncher's really worth the money =)

Cathy Gould, United States

I am thoroughly impressed. The default level works right away, and I am learning to tweak it for the sites I want to modify. There is an incredible amount of information pouring through here, and y'all must have done a LOT of work to make such a keen little package.

Fervent thanks!

Frances Rose, Australia

I have found Ad Muncher to be one of the most important additions that I have on my computer. There is no fuss and bother in downloading and I am very grateful to your company for ridding my computer of those annoying adverts. Thank you.

Gregory R., United States

Ad Muncher is the quickest and most effective program to block ads. It works great and is a wonderful program to have.

Ali C. Wales, United Kingdom

It makes such a difference. You don't realise how much quicker games will play and how many ads you see without realising until Ad Muncher is up and running. Yet you still have control of what you want to filter on individual sites.

Pinto Sjafri

For a country with limited speed connections such as Indonesia, we need something to make our Internet connections run smoothly and the answer is Admuncher. I had tried almost all ad remover programs, but there is no other like admuncher, 1 program for all browsers, it even removes the ads from yahoo messenger. this is the best ad remover program that I have ever tried.

Peter Schloesser, Germany

I tried some other advert-removing software, but none of them is as fast and simple (but still very configurable) as Ad Muncher.

Tony Debeer van Rooy

I find it a fine program for the unwanted commercials.

Adam Steele

Registering by TrialPay was a breeze!


I tried several programs as I detest advertisements! Ad Muncher did the best job of filtering unwanted ads and leaving the content that was bona fide.

Peggy McNabb, United States

I am very well pleased with Ad Muncher's performance in blocking pop ups that had been such a big problem for me for so long.

Friedrich Siemers

It's a very effective and the most inconspicuous adblocker.

Myrna Wheeler, United States

I find that with Ad Muncher I get to things a lot faster.


It has met my expectations for software which is easy to configure/use. It does what it is supposed to do.

Iain Searcy

This is the best ad blocking program around. If you value your time this is the internet time saver you need, all while stopping flashy intrusive ads. I still use Firefox with its ad block along side. And this program gets what the other misses.

Mogens Heise Olsen, Denmark

I finally got rid of all those annoying and time-demanding advertisements.

R Robinson, United States

Ad Muncher is the best of its kind that I've ever seen!

Robert Moravek

Absolutely best software for blocking ads with Opera. No viruses, no ads and no problems :)

Vincent Banks, Ireland

Ad Muncher stops tons of rubbish getting into my PC!

Sue Patterson, United States

I hate moving ads, Ad Muncher makes the page so calm.

Barry R, Netherlands

There's nothing I've ever seen that is so small and works so well, I'm using Windows 7, and Ad Muncher v4.73 and no problems so far, and everything gets blocked!

I hear people say on websites, I cant see the content yet, I have ads! All I do is laugh, and send them to admuncher.com so they can laugh too when they install Ad Muncher. I love this fantastic application!

Marlene McGowan, United States

I was having a lot of problems in the league that I play in with the ads popping up all the time. I'd get knocked off or couldn't type. I tried Ad muncher and it was like having a new computer, no more freezing up and things are much faster. Well worth the money, dont hesitate if pop ups are giving you problems. You will be glad you tried it.

Siegfried - Malta

Highly recommended due to a very respectable efficiency. It kills what it should!!!


Great software. Love the cow icon munching!

Wybren Koelmans, Netherlands

Does what it does, best.

David, Kingston, ON, Canada

Very happy with my purchase.

Oron Haim (Oron123), Israel

This is not only the best ad blocking application, this is the real ad blocking application. No other browser plugins or third-party processes can compare. And there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Patricia Sneddon, United States

Ads are munched effectively without blocking relative content.

Per Kolbe, Sweden

Like it very much.


Ad Muncher helps to open my web pages faster and removes the clutter.

Alexander Tikhomirov, Russia

Ad Muncher makes surfing the web as comfortable, as no other program can.

Anton Tikhomirov, Russia

It's the best adverts killer in the world! The best choice! The best work! Recommended for everyone!

H. Maurer, Germany

Einfach klasse! (Number 1)

Jay, United States

We appreciate not getting bombarded with ads.

Kevin McDonald

I've tried many trial programs; this tops them all in function and look.

Andrey Potapov

Must have stuff for everyone who hates all these abusive ads.

Paul Bramford, Australia

It's worth the money to stop all the annoying flashing banners that plague the internet.