Name Withheld

Thanks for a great product that works extremely well. It takes out all ads and items we didn't want poppinig up in our browser.


Even on my slow outdated PC I can tell the difference in my Internet speed with and without. I just can't enjoy my online games without it. Definitely buying my own copy, and definitely recommended for a quick and permanent fix.

Brett Loe

I can't imagine the internet without Ad Muncher. It seems like my screen is pressure washed and cleaned up with every website I visit.

Candace Crane, United States

I was using Super Ad Blocker but that program doesn't yet support Firefox 3 even months after its release and their customer support was flippant about when an upgrade would be released. I tried AntiAd and that was a terrible program that never worked propertly. On a lark, I tried Ad Muncher. It works great! Blocks all ads, easy to work with and to configure. It is even better than Super Ad Blocker. Just a simple Ad Blocking program that works. And it doesn't have the bloat of an AntiSpyware program. (I already had an AntiSpyware progam and didn't need the hassles of a second one included in a program that was intended for another purpose). Thank you very much for this program.

Vaclav S, Czech Republic

The web has become unbearably spammed with ads. As a programmer I can't imagine using the web with them all around again. When there's a DIV I don't like, hiding it forever could never been done so easily before. Page loading is much faster especially on slow networks.

Cheryl Durham, Canada

Great way to eliminate pop-ups and continuous ads on game sites that always make the games load slowly. So glad I heard about it!

Name Withheld, Germany

No other software beats Ad Muncher in blocking popups and ads. Wish I would have purchased it before. Essential software!

Dulcie Davis, United States-please use Dee Davis

I am a host on a free game site. The games load faster. I also found when searching the web other things also came up quicker. I also told a friend and she has purchased as well. It is absolutely the best

Denis P, Latvia

Some times, I catched viruses add spyware in the pop-under pages. Ad Muncher completely blocks pop-unders, which offers extra protection against malware.

Sushy Koko

Internet browsing is incomplete without ad muncher.... It rocks... Love it :)

Sergey Andreev, Russia

Very good and necessary program!

Ed Coffin

Install it, use it, register it, and browse interruption free. And yes, there are occasional pages (or times) when you can selectively turn ad munching off. Nothing better 'out there'.

Mike Harrison, Toronto Canada

Ad Muncher was among the offerings available when I searched for ad killers. I tried it, and I decided to register less than an hour later. It works perfectly, is easily configurable, completely user friendly and is reasonably priced. Highly recommended!

Stephen Aymes, United States

I was using another paid ad blocking product but with the imminent arrival of Windows 7, I needed to find one that was compatible with that. My searching led me to Ad Muncher and after the 30 day trial left me completely satisfied with its capabilities, it was a no-brainer to purchase two copies, one for my desktop and one for my laptop. Great job, Ad Munchers.

Robert Welsh, United Kingdom

Great programme, well worth the cost.

J. Cline, United States

Cannot work without it!

William Van Sickle, United States

Impressive, performs as advertised or better!!

Sharon Morfick, United States

I love it! It certainly speeds up my download time on my laptop, and cleans up my screen so that I can deal with only what I choose to look at. Thank you!

Penis Gigantikus, Germany

The first programme I install on a fresh Windows installation!

Roy Sibilo

Wicked ad blocker, cleans up your browsing experience really well.

Mike McLauchlin, Canada

A most excellent filter which simplifies my computer experience, helping me to focus more easily.

Brian Lee, United States

Ad Muncher is by far the best ad blocking software out there. It's simple to use, the block list is kept up to date, and it never fails me. :-)

Randy Stevens

Ad Muncher renders navigating the web a pleasant experience like it was a dozen years ago when it was not one big billboard. I was at a friend's house and remembered that I had an email on my task list to send ASAP. My friend let me borrow his laptop.

I had forgotten what it is like to be inundated by banners that blink so fast, I fear it could very easily cause a person with epilepsy to have a seizure. I am not kidding.

I went to my webmail page, and started to compose a message. I simply could not think clearly with a very large banner at the top, changing every 5 seconds, and a the totally obnoxious skyscraper ads that barely leave any sort of room left for my email activity. I have been spoiled by Admuncher, very seldom am I subjected to any sort of ad, and never a blinking one.

The ads themselves were all pitching the same thing - WHAT IS YOUR CREDIT SCORE? (FICA). When I got home, I logged back into my webmail account and, with Ad Mucher hard at work 24/7, the Internet was peaceful. Not one tacky, sophomoric banner to contend with. I was able to finish that email in a few minutes.

If you purchase only one program this year - Ad Muncher is the one. I love the fact that I can make my own rules and exceptions. This program will not only remove ads from websites, but also most any other software that has ads like chat programs, downloaders, etc.

Thanks to Murray Hurps for creating Ad Muncher.

Julie Lock

Perfect package for those who get annoyed with all the advertising there now is on the internet. Helps to keep your PC running to full capacity instead of lagging when large adverts appear.

Rafal Roszak, United Kingdom

It's honestly the best ad blocker I have ever used and its totally worth its price.

Mary Stillman, United States

Love the product, would not want to be without it!

Leonard Jamiol, United States

Great product. Speeds up downloads considerably. This one is worth the money.

Robert Mantooth, United States

I think this program is great. When I surf the net I see only the content I intend to. Thanks Ad Muncher!


Installing the trial version of Ad Muncher is good enough to convince the user of its worth. Ad Muncher is unintrusive and does its job neatly. You'll never regret paying for it.

Simon Batley, United Kingdom

A great utility that simply and seamlessly removes those ignoring adverts and flash animations that plague so many web sites these days. First class!

Charlotte Hamadache

Ad Muncher lets my children use the computer without being exposed to inappropriate/offensive images. It has given me peace of mind.

Ross McCann, South Africa

It was very easy to setup and I didn't have to do too much with the setting up once installed. It works extremely well and is the best product I have used. The ads are all dealt with without any intervention on my part. Keep up the good work.

Norman Whittaker, United Kingdom

It stops all the rubbish getting in my way when I'm online.

Yun Xie

Better than anything else!

Brad M

By FAR the best, most effective program of the type I have found. Others like Ad Block Plus don't compare at all.

Dave, United States

Ad Muncher is wonderful. I was very annoyed by links and adverts that pop up when the mouse cursor passes over them. Ad Muncher took care of these annoyances and more. After a short trial period, I registered the software.

Nathaniel Ray, United States

This is the BEST pop-up blocker I have ever seen around. I'm a major penny-pincher but once I tried out the 30 day trial of Ad Muncher I knew immediately that it was worth the money. Ad Muncher makes my web browser run more efficiently and smoothly and makes my browsing experience much more pleasurable.

Robert Bowolick, United States

Download, procurement and registration process very simple. Ad Muncher works as advertised and better than I had expected. Ad Muncher is a definite asset for anyone connected to the internet.

Milan Meszaros, Hungary

Excellent program.

Joshua Rubin, United States

Ad Muncher makes surfing the web bliss.

Don Maddocks, Australia

It seems to work perfectly. I am very happy.

Justin Huling, United States

I wish I had heard of Admuncher sooner... I would have been able to avoid a lot of frustration with trying to get an ad blocking solution working with Google Chrome.

Michael, Australia

As a recent Firefox and Adblock Plus user, Ad Muncher doesn't seem to offer much - until one realizes that Ad Muncher gives you more functionality, all without being tied down to a specific browser.

Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari ... it doesn't matter which you use - the results are the same - NO ADS. The ease of installation/use are big factors separating Ad Muncher from other competitors.

While less functional free options are available - none come close to the ease-of-use and out-of-the-box functionality of Ad Muncher.

Stephen Derham, United Kingdom

I am very pleased with this software, it really does stop all those annoying pop ups.

Brenda, United States

I was very impressed on how smoothly my web searching and gaming on a team play game site became from using Ad Muncher. No more screen/game freeze, and missing "keeping up" and having to miss out on the game play. Also, the install was very easy to do, and great customer response, to questions about activation from a free trial. Easy, no brainer set up..what more can someone ask? Great product, wish I would have had this years ago!


This is the best ad blocker I've used and I've been online since 1992.

Sarah Holdsworth, United Kingdom

I find As Muncher a very good programme, does exactly what it says it does.

Susan Booth, United States

I just told my son to get ad muncher. He hates ads too. I like ad muncher very much!

Theresa Moore, United Kingdom

Ad Muncher makes it quicker to reach and load web pages and much more pleasant to surf without unwanted ads popping up all over the place.

Michael Chernoff, United States

I find Ad Muncher very effective at keeping unwanted ads away.

Adam S, Poland

I've tried many programs... This is my first EFFECTIVE pop-up blocker!

B, Singapore

Wonderful product, this is one of the few softwares I feel like NOT cracking. Great customer support, built in to the highly optimized application, very nifty! I just cannot imagine the internet without Ad Muncher!

Craig Spengler

It does a great job eliminating those unwanted intrusions. In fact, it does such a nice job everywhere I have gone (so far) that given continued fine performance I shall encourage my customers to use it also.

Surfing is nearly "fun" again -- what a tremendous speed improvement!

Robert Johnson, United States

I have never seen any product that is as effective as Ad Muncher. Now I can enjoy reading web pages without all the annoying ads. Keep up the great work!

Ralf Eberweiser, Germany

I am so happy that I've bought the full version. Thank you for this wonderful program.

Rick Cheves, United States

It works so much better than I expected !!!! I love it !!!!

Dean Brown, United States

Best money that I ever spent on ANY computer software.

Tanja Pohl, Germany

What can I say? I love it - the first program I've used which can get rid of those annoying layer ads (coming from the sides) I really hate them. In two days it blocked 2300 ads... about 17 MB. (In TWO DAYS) This program is worth every single cent.

Darren Blackley, Managing Director, Simplify iT Innovations Pty. Ltd., Australia

Frankly this is the best product that I have found to remove ads! I simply am not interested in ads that are unsolicited. Ad Muncher is the best product on the market today!


Websites always look different on other peoples computers, people who dont have Ad Muncher. You just become so accustomed to seeing clean web pages.

Tom from Worcester, USA

I bought a second copy for a gift. The gift of ad-free browsing is one he will not soon forget.

Shirley 151

I'm new to computers, but Ad Muncher seems to make everything run so much faster, with no popups in the middle of what I'm working on.

Linda Ann Prasil

After reading several articles about the difficulty of finding programs to work with Chrome. I was initially very concerned that nothing would work. I almost sent an email to you for reassurance that my money would not be wasted. Much to my delight, I finished installing and registering your product, went on the internet to my Google home page and Voila! No ads. Even my online games are ad free. Thank you so much for making an easy program which actually works.

Bill B

A great program that eliminates the junk the slows down your computer, not to mention the irritating ads!

Thomas L, Germany

Ad Muncher is just the best ad blocking tool. No need to say more ;)

Sudarno Taufiq

It's a great tool. Try it for a day and you will see the difference.

Rand H, United States

Given that a lot of annoyances, spyware and malware comes from shady ads on websites, this software is more than just an "Ad Blocker" but a form of malware protection as well.