Frank H.

If you hate ads which slow down your machine, Ad Muncher is the thing you need.

Wirth Martin

I have tested more than 20 Blocker Programs. Ad Muncher is the best.
Thanks for this powerful tool.

Gonzalo Ferreira Da Silva

The best pop-up and banner ad killer for Windows. Very well designed, stable and with constant updates. 101% recommended.

Greg Staton, United States

Before Ad Muncher: pop ups everywhere :\

After Ad Muncher: surfing as it should be :)

Seriously, I could go on and on, but there is no need. This program works plain and simple! Strongly recommend.

Franz Schafer

I like Ad Muncher much better than Ad Block. It takes care of IE and Firefox and is very unobtrusive yet extremely customizable. I also appreciate the fact that it can be set to block adult content.


I've only had it running for a few days and already I can see a big difference on a lot of websites that I visit and the pages appear to be loading a lot faster. I tried quite a few utilities of this sort but nothing has come close to the thoroughness of Ad Muncher. Very little money for such an affective program.

Gan Gascon

I'm really impressed with Ad Muncher's usefulness in my everyday internet activities.

I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on Windows Server 2003, and while I searching on the internet for a program that would aid in disabling any adverts and pop-ups, I only came across complicated scripts and long lists of install instructions.

Until I found Ad Muncher.

I immediately found the simplicity in your program and within it's navigatable interface, the blocking of ads from intrusive websites is completely effective. Your program gave me freedom to be hassle free from ads, with only a slight tax on the memory resources. This notice, added with the bonus of having most ad options, customized, I was thrilled!

Your program helped improved my surfing speed and also gave me "clean" site pages.

Thank you for making such a excellent program and its a must buy for the future.

Rose Eppard, United States

This product is easy to install and use. It is most effective and completely unobtrusive.

Robert Harper, Canada

Best blocker on the internet!!!

Patsy Mitchener, United States

I can finally play games without interruption

Daniel Vezina, Canada

Works like a charm, easy to use and effective. :)

Terry Mason, Australia

It worked perfectly first time and without any input from me. I would recommend it to anyone.


I think it's a fantastic program that, for a small fee, has made internet usage less annoying and much more relaxing.

Ian McMahon

I tried it and within 2 minutes I knew it is a cracker of a program, that is, superb. A decision I in no way regret. I have 4 essential programs, Directory Opus, Pocomail, Dropit Pro, Macro Scheduler and now Ad Muncher.

Mark T.

Ad Muncher does exactly what it says - munches the ads. Ad Muncher is stable and has a small resource footprint. You don't even notice it running except for the lack of distracting ads on the web pages you view. The intuitive menu layout provides plenty of options for anyone who wants to tweak, but does the job nicely using the default settings. Help is comprehensive and understandable and support is responsive and friendly. A very cool program from some seemingly very cool people.

Erik Almind Christensen, Denmark

I just wish that all software was like this, so easy to aquire, install and register, does what it's supposed to do and then some. ...and I just love the logo.


Works beter than any other program I have ever used to block ads. Much better than IE7's pop-up blocker, which is inconvenient, incomplete and can block useful content. As far as I can tell, Ad Muncher doesn't block anything but ads. I will recommend this product to anyone who would prefer a smooother, quicker internet experience!

Lucian Gorduz, Romania

It's simply the best out there, nothing else comes even close.

Cenk Aslanboga, Turkey

Most effective, most lightweight ad blocker I've ever seen.. Indispensible...

Demijo -- U.K.

Ad Muncher chews up the Ads & spits them out of sight. A brilliant little program that everyone should try. Well worth the registration fee.

Thomas Nicolino, United States

I was great from day one. It got rid of all the ads including the VERY annoying ads with moving elements yet allowed the real web content with moving or changing items through. It's worth every penny.

Scott Welliver, United States

Ad Muncher should be standard equipment on every computer. Fantastic product with outstanding support!

Jonathan Benshaul, Israel

Ad Muncher just works. Straight out of the box it eliminated all popups, 99.9% of the banners, even video adverts preceeding online clips. The software evaluation did not bother me with annoying reminders. A real class act!

Michael Parido, United States

This thing is cool beyond belief. No pop-ups, no unwanted ads. Makes surfing what it should be.

Anna Davis, United States

AdsGone's support leaves much to be desired, as well as the software itself. I'm glad I now have the cow.

Dennis Dowd

Great software; does what it says it does and in the back ground without my having to do anything. I had no trouble paying the reasonable amount that was asked to register it.


Out of all ad-blocking tools available, Ad-Muncher is by far the best. Best part is that it gives you control over so much in terms of configuration. For basic users it works right out of box.


Ad Muncher works perfectly, even blocks ads from other programs etc. Well worth the small fee for the registered version.

John Ackland, Australia

I don't normally leave this sort of feedback, but Ad Muncher worked SO well, I find I have no choice . . . I just want to tell the world how good it is LOL! Because it did not come up in the first few pages of my google "Ad Blocker" search (there are more similar products with the word "blocker" in their title), I actually downloaded and tried half a dozen competitors before finding Ad Muncher, and NOT ONE of them removed all the ads from my 3 home pages, which had started to drive me crazy. Consequently, I could hardly believe it when Ad Muncher removed the lot, from all three pages. I then went looking on the web for ad heavy pages trying to fault it, but couldn't. Suffice to say, I didn't bother to wait till my 30 day trial was up before purchasing the product, and I am a very happy customer :)

Jack Limes, United States

I LOVE IT! I spent months trying to find an ad blocking program that I would like. Others did ok, but had several features I did not like and used very confusing terminology to get it set up. This was so simple that I couldn't believe it could be working as well as it was as soon as I started using it. It blocked everything I wanted and nothing I didn't. I was surprised to learn that it even blocked video ads on streaming video! I'm very, very impressed and plan to always use this product. Thanks!

Lisa B, United States

No more ads - what peace! Now I can actually surf the web and read the content without being blitzed by flashing, flipping, moving, unwanted ads. And I love the cow, too!

Frank Mennig, Germany

Great software :)


I just want to say I love this Muncher.

Arvind Maiya

Bloody brilliant! That's all I have to say!


Great product. Only product that I have found that truly removes all types of ads. No more dizziness from the flashing or moving ads across the top of the page in game rooms.

How nice it is to surf the net and not be annoyed by all the ads. Thanks for a great product and it is well worth the price.

Ross S., United States

I've been a pc tech and an IT manager for over 15 years. I tried Ad Muncher on a whim. I used it for 2 minutes? Maybe 4 minutes? Anyhow, I access MSNBC.com regularly. I noticed a distinct improvement immediately. No longer was I getting the dynamic ads on their page that had that annoying caveman guy. Also, the fly-out menu actually started working for me too! I registered the product within 5 minutes of first using it.

Mark Siegel, United States

Great product, installs without a hitch on all browsers.

Koschey Immortal, Russia

Well done! I never imagined that this could be possible, and so easy.

K.W. Igou, United States

I like it . It really does the job I wanted and expected it to do for me. Keep up your great work with any and all improvements you make in the future upgrades!

Thank you for a great piece of software!!

Donna Califano, United States

I have used Ad Muncher for several years and it works GREAT! No more distracting ads in your face all the time!

Robert Smith, United States

You see a lot of ads for different pop-up blockers and such but this one truly works as good as any program I have ever seen. Far and away the best money we have EVER spent on any kind of program. Unbelievable how good it works. Buy it. Best there is. Period.

Peter Caprez, Switzerland

Use it, you will love it!

Aaron Speer, United States

Awesome program, keep up the good work

Taz840209, United States

Works very well!

Lois Finger, United States

This is one of the greatest programs I have ever seen. All ads are removed and you never realize the program is running. Does exactly what it promises to do. My computer runs like a new machine.. and this machine is actually about 6 years old. Just amazing results!

H. Clyde Rosenbaum

So far I have not had a problem with Ad Muncher working like you advertised it to do. I am greatly satisfied with you software. I can highly recommend it.

Tom Hustle

No doubt this is the best popup blocker. An absolute buy, worth every penny.

Tony, United States

Best on the market.

Susan Stanton

Ad Muncher is AWESOME, no more annoying interuptions, or games freezing in the middle of play. I just love it and highly recommend it to anyone who may be thinking of trying it. Once you try it, you will never go online without it again.

Glenn Miller, United States

I play online pool, and kept having trouble with lag, I downloaded Ad Muncher and the lag has been gone, I love Ad Muncher

Donald Johnston, Canada

Absolutely indispensable.

David M Bidwell, United States

Wouldn't surf the Web without it.

Nikolay Samukov, Kazakhstan

The perfect Ad Blocker!

Arif, Canada

I have tried all other utilities to stop popups and ads but nothing came close to Ad Muncher. I wish I had found it sooner. Very nice, light and effective product.

Jae A. - San Diego, CA

This is the best program in the world. I will NEVER browse the internet without Ad-Muncher running in the background!

Peter Waters

This is one of the best programs I have had the pleasure of using. It does exactly what it says on the tin, couldn't ask for better.

Hamish McWhannell

Of all the software I have ever bought, I think Ad Muncher would be the best value for money. While other ad-blockers leave unsightly gaps where the ads once were, Ad Muncher leaves pages that appear never to have had ads on them in the first place. Thoroughly recommended.

C. W, Italy

Ad Muncher is very easy to use and lets you surf the internet in peace! No more moving, flashing adverts to irritate you on every page you visit. Thank heavens!

Timothy Smith, United States

Immediately into the free trial, I knew that this was exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely detest the animated ads stuck into far too many webpages and Ad Muncher disappears them beautifully. Ad Muncher kicks butt!

George Healy, United States

Yes. I noticed an immediate and dramatic improvement in the speed with which web pages loaded. That's why I went ahead and purchased Ad Muncher after the trial period expired. My home page (MSNBC) had been loading very slowly due to a number of adware loads and pop-ups that had defeated every prior attempt to block them. Ad Muncher did the trick! I'm very pleased with the results and am recommending your product to all of my friends.

Sheryl E, United States

I love it!!! And I've recommended it to quite a few other people.

Charles N, United States

Great program. The best there is for removing all unwanted clutter.

Paul E

Even better than blocking all the ads in every browser, it blocks Hulu ads! Sure Hulu ad breaks are short but they keep repeating the same ad over and over and over. Ad Muncher slips in a 1 second "This ad was removed..." message and you're right back to the program. It even works with Hulu Desktop.

Dennis McGrath

Ad Muncher works perfectly as soon as it is installed. I used it for a full month and saw no slow downs, but a ton less ads. Spyware doctor seldom finds anything to complain about now. Great job!

SEB, United States

Ad Muncher works great and is effortless to install.

Ines , Slovenia

It's just perfect!!! :)

Gayle M, United States

Two days into using the Ad-Muncher makes me wonder what took me so long to decide to get it?!? Thanks for the great program and am telling all my friends about it now.