Ad Muncher v4.93

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Installation instructions

Download and open the installer above. If upgrading from an older version the process is the same.

What's new?

The biggest new feature in v4.93 is the new Ad Muncher Toolbar. This is normally hidden to avoid annoyance, but can be shown by holding CTRL or SHIFT and right-clicking on a filtered page. You'll then see options to exclude or report the page, as well as an option to munch specific content. You can also see when popups have been blocked, and easily open them if needed.

CTRL or SHIFT + Right click on a filtered page =
The Ad Muncher Toolbar

This toolbar removes the need for the old browser-specific extensions, and in future will make it much easier to provide functionality on other platforms.

The filter list in v4.93 has undergone some extremely significant reworking. This includes literally thousands of bug fixes, and new filters for a huge number of new ad types.

The filtering engine itself has also received many improvements, and combined with the new list users should notice a much improved browsing experience.

For a full list of changes please click here.


Click here for the latest beta (testing) version.


Ad Muncher v4.93 available! Download here.

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